Whistleblower Tony Farrell on 18 Feb 2014

There’s David Shayler who blew the whistle on MI5.

And there’s Tony Farrell who said that 7/7 was an inside job.

After he lost his job before an Employment Tribunal, just as Brian Pead, Tony analysed the case of Charlie Seven which resulted in The Farrell Report.

Since then, Tony has been harassed, bullied and arrested but stood his ground. Searching for his name on YouTube gives you LOTS of results!

Here he sent me his Little London Letter to David Crompton, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, in his unique way of “creating waves about police corruption and universal deceit“.

Tony recounts how

  • he dared to question the source of the figure 20% that crime statistics were supposed to have gone down in Leeds in 2005
  • he talks about “bogus terror threats and false flag operations
  • as he called “foul play on the terror threat assessment process“:

The single greatest strategic threat to peace facing citizens of the UK arises from a rise to power of a New World Order. This elite global network is hell-bent on introducing a Secret Satanic ideology to enslave masses by deception and obtain control of the world’s resources. [Exhibit 1]

His 27-page letter contains more ‘exhibits’:

It also refers to

  • the strange deaths of David Kelly, Michael Todd and Robin Cooke
  • David Compton’s samples of police corruption: Michael Duggan, Plebgate and the Lawrence family
  • Police files reveal vast child protection scandal
  • Orgreave, the Rotherham Sex Abuse Scandal, the imprisonment of Vicky Haigh – a mother sent to prison on evidence she cannot see – and the death of Ralph Winstanley
  • endemic fraud and corruption alleged by Martin Brighton against Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Police
  • Hillsborough the cover-up.

Tony writes:

The police via ACPO, the Judiciary and almost all politicians are being wire pulled by a hidden hand.

You hint at the need to encourage whistle-blowing when one the force sacked was sitting before you.

You purport to serve the public, yet your profession is plunging us towards the very police-state you profess to oppose.

Out of the despair of Hillsborough, it’s not too late for you and your Senior Command Team in your privileged positions, to dramatically change the direction of policing and be a force for considerable good – whatever the mantra:

Justice with Courage

Justice for 96

or Justice for all.

Out of the tragedy and despair of Hillsborough comes hope.
Hope is that truth and justice will eventually prevail.
We don’t want partial truth, we want the truth, we want the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
We want it not just for Hillsborough,
but also for other less prominent cases of alleged corruption.

Tony invited David Crompton to accompany him to the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster… I shall find out whether Brian Pead was there!

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