PC James Patrick

This whistleblower of the Met PC James Patrick was before a Select Committee in the House of Commons and has written the book The Rest is Silence, before he resigned after seven years of service.

Here his story is reported by Michael Doherty the father of a girl who was being groomed via the internet.

Since reporting this to the Police, he has become the victim of prosecutions and court cases that are both unique and similar to others who do what they think is ‘the right thing’.

But, clearly, we’ve reached a stage where black is white and white is black and criminals rule the world. Some dare call it anarchy. In Australia a book was published with the title: Our Corrupt Legal System – where everybody is victim except rich criminals…

2 Responses to PC James Patrick

  1. Dave Scott says:

    Know only all too well what they do to whistle blowers, from driving you out of your Job, Your home taken, Put on the streets, then groomed by the Police, put in prison on spurious charges, and not given any time off but kept in prison for the whole term. Try to have you killed more than once, persecute you at every opportunity, and generally make your life a misery. From being an upright citizen with a managerial role, highly respected and a helper in the community, to being chastised, ostracized, and victimized by Police, Judiciary, social Services and the Medical profession, all because of exposing a vile nasty pedophile ring operating in the Free masons.


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