Who Polices the Police?

Police corruption is at the core of flying vet Maurice J Kirk who’s been fighting South Wales Police for 20 years for an extreme case of bullying and harassment. He is currently held in HMP Swansea – unlawfully – just as Brian Pead got imprisoned unlawfully for the third time courtesy of Norfolk Police. Before, it was Bexleyheath as part of the Met and Essex Police who harassed and accused him falsely.

Furthermore, I am aware of wrongdoings, i.e. the violent snatch of children without paperwork aka ‘Police Protection Order’ by

From Hillsborough to Lambeth tells us that the Police run the adult (and child) porn industry:

Tony Farrell blew the whistle on South Yorkshire Police and lost his job after identifying the risks of terrorism.

His subsequent harassment led to eviction and arrest:

Here he talks about Hillsborough, 7/7 and the Diana killing.

Police corruption is also the subject of another public inquiry announced by the Home Secretary:

Does Parliament control the Police?

Or does the Police control Parliament by controlling paedophile MPs?

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