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#ITV: Compelling evidence: #Rotherham officials ignored numerous credible warnings about #childabuse

Thanks to Jimmy Savile, child abuse has become ‘topical’ in the mainstream media. But that doesn’t mean that it stops nor that child snatching stops as a policy. To the contrary. But we must be grateful to ITV who publish: … Continue reading

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HOME AFFAIRS Committee’s inquiry into sexual exploitation and child grooming focussing on #RotherhamAbuse

This meeting of the Select Committee took place on 09 September 2014 to take more evidence regarding sexual exploitation and the response to local grooming: with Chief Constable David Crompton QPM former Chief Constable Meredydd John Hughes CBE QPM Martin … Continue reading

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THE CITY takes over where Westminster left off to clean up Filthy Britain?

In the historic battle of power between The City and Westminster, one can look at it as a clear victory of The City: Westminster is discredited thanks to paedophilia and Filthy Britain Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf to lead child abuse inquiry … Continue reading

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CHILD SEX ABUSE (Rotherham): Oral Answers by Theresa May to Questions by 52 MPs

Here’s Rotherham Child Abuse and the Bigger Picture on the incredible Aangirfan blog. And here’s how the Coleman Experience writes about The Mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal as part of Filthy Britain. And here’s the link to the debate between 52 MPs … Continue reading

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WELCOME to Rotherham: 1,400 Children sacrificed to Political Correctness

Googling for ‘Rotherham’ gives you mainly links to reports about the sexual abuse scandal. It’s the ‘political correctness’ that I find interesting on this image which includes the EU logo for those who realise that the UK is a small … Continue reading

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