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Letter from HMP Littlehey #Survivor #McKenzieFriend #BrianPead re From #Hillsborough to #Lambeth

Brian Pead aka Brian Freeman sent this letter, from HMP Littlehey in Cambridgeshire, to Len Lawrence, the Poisoned Pilot whose house was stolen as part of his ordeal that included: the DWP – to stop Len surviving – just as I … Continue reading

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@Schofe Professionally outraged: what Paedos downunder have in common with #PaedoUK? @VIPPaedoRing #Survivors #Victims @FionaRaeBarnett @rights_victims

According to this BBC news, the Home Office has set up a Helpline for child abuse whistle-blowers: 0800 0280 285. When I phoned and answered all questions, she got that it was about ‘institutional cover-up’. The final recommendation was: not our … Continue reading

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The Lambeth Walk: once upon a time and today’s reality for Brian Pead aka Brian Freeman

This video is about The Lambeth Walk: Everything’s free and easy Do as you dam will pleasey Why don’t you make your way there Go there! Stay there! Not so for Brian Pead, I’m afraid… He’s in prison, once again… … Continue reading

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@Newsweek @NewsweekEurope Institutionalised #ChildSexualAbuse in #ChildSnatchUK and #PaedoBritain

You can’t make it up, but this is what happens – institutionalised over generations: abuse takes place in the boarding schools of the elite children get snatched by Social Services with the aid of Police or in ‘honey traps’ such as schools … Continue reading

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#BrianPead #WhistleBlower and #Survivor of #CSA back in #Prison

Mr Hemming Re Brian Pead  (Brian Freeman) the whistleblower of  the child sex grooming in Lambeth. last night Brian was taken to the police station forcibly and charged with breach of the restraining order. His MP Mr Bellingham is aware that … Continue reading

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OPEN LETTER to #PrinceCharles: #HonoursList #ChildAbuse #MagnaCarta #Healing

07 February 2015 HRH Prince Charles Clarence House LONDON SW1A 1BA Dear Sir, Re: Honours List, child abuse, Magna Carta, healing I write following various articles about you in the Times, dated 31 January 2015 and subsequent editions. I was … Continue reading

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#BenFellows thrown into Wormwood Scrubs for daring to name #KenClarke as an #abuser

This Christmas message from actor Ben Fellows is published on JUSTICE DENIED: A day or so ago Ben Fellows came back to the UK  and was immediately arrested and placed on remand in Wormwood Scrubs.   His crime the tumidity to accuse … Continue reading

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