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#LBC investigations into #childsexualabuse #CSAInquiry

On 06 November 2014, LBC Radio published this report: 7,000 Child Sex Abuse cases in UK And now investigative reporter Don Hale speaks about the missing dossiers: listen to ‘Investigative Reporter Don Hale on explosive child abuse dossier’ on audioBoom And here … Continue reading

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#CSAinquiry #Childsexabuse inquiry planned for Scotland

WE HAVE BEEN BEGGING for a public inquiry for 15 years, but all the government has been doing is stalling, stalling… THE SCOTSMAN publishes Child sex abuse inquiry planned for Scotland today, 09 November 2014: Investigation would target claims made against schools, … Continue reading

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GET #YourMP to sign #EDM374 on Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry #CSAInquiry

Fiona Woolf has resigned. Hence these 5 MPs tabled Early Day Motion 374: Jim Shannon MP Jeremy Corbyn MP Mike Hancock MP David Ward MP Mark Durkan MP Currently signed by 23 MPs, this is the text of Early Day Motion … Continue reading

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#JimHoodMP used Parliamentary Privilege to name #LeonBrittan in #ChildAbuse

The Telegraph wrote about it: Labour MP is condemned for linking Leon Brittan to child abuse Jim Hood MP is accused of misusing parliamentary privilege after making ‘serious accusations against a noble lord’ The Daily Mail, too: Labour MP links … Continue reading

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#CSAinquiry: #FionaWoolf under pressure to resign – briefing after #HAC meeting

This is an excellent briefing in The Week for anybody unfamiliar with the various strands that led to yesterday’s meeting of the Home Affairs Committee: Fiona Woolf was questioned regarding her chairmanship of the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. And … Continue reading

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THE CITY takes over where Westminster left off to clean up Filthy Britain?

In the historic battle of power between The City and Westminster, one can look at it as a clear victory of The City: Westminster is discredited thanks to paedophilia and Filthy Britain Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf to lead child abuse inquiry … Continue reading

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CHILD SEX ABUSE (Rotherham): Oral Answers by Theresa May to Questions by 52 MPs

Here’s Rotherham Child Abuse and the Bigger Picture on the incredible Aangirfan blog. And here’s how the Coleman Experience writes about The Mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal as part of Filthy Britain. And here’s the link to the debate between 52 MPs … Continue reading

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