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Letter from HMP Littlehey #Survivor #McKenzieFriend #BrianPead re From #Hillsborough to #Lambeth

Brian Pead aka Brian Freeman sent this letter, from HMP Littlehey in Cambridgeshire, to Len Lawrence, the Poisoned Pilot whose house was stolen as part of his ordeal that included: the DWP – to stop Len surviving – just as I … Continue reading

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The Truth About… #UKEstablishment #ChildAbuse #Cover-ups Videos

The truth about U.K. Establishment child abuse cover-ups, involving parliament, the house of lords, the home office, the police, MI5, MI6, and numerous other agencies. Part one of the two-part series focuses on a small number of powerful authority figures … Continue reading

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PETITION in Scottish Parliament as ours apparently can not be restored…

An exemplary model for individual action: a petition for Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Here’s the video: petitioner Scott Pattinson appears before the Scottish Petitions Committee. His last article was about whistleblower Melanie Shaw: Shocking story of child abuse whistleblower being … Continue reading

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#UKColumn about Organised #ChildAbuse in #Hampstead and #Highgate Schools

Unfortunately, some of the facts are not quite accurate, but this report ’embeds’ the scandal published as the online petition Return the ‘whistleblower kids’ and abuse survivors of London School to their Russian Family! Meanwhile, mother and I are being harassed … Continue reading

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THE CITY takes over where Westminster left off to clean up Filthy Britain?

In the historic battle of power between The City and Westminster, one can look at it as a clear victory of The City: Westminster is discredited thanks to paedophilia and Filthy Britain Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf to lead child abuse inquiry … Continue reading

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