James Brokenshire MP

English: James Brokenshire MP

English: James Brokenshire MP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear James Brokenshire MP

Re: Who Polices the Police?

This comes to you after having read the chronology of Brian Pead who blew the whistle on paedophilia in Lambeth Council and published From Hillsborough to Lambeth.

Given all the evidence surrounding #childsnatchuk leading to #paedobritain, could you possibly reassure us with respect to Who Polices the Police?

Yours gratefully in advance,

Sabine K McNeill

Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends, > 30,000 visits since Feb 2012
Public Interest Advocacy while assisting Litigants in Person 

National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse
… a blog on behalf of the children, whistleblowers, victims and supporters

Victims Unite! > 350,000 visits since August 2010
… Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

The Portuguese Pedro Family – their 5 stolen children promised to return
arrested and kept in cell for 12 hours – as punishment for petitioning in Brussels

Petitions Committe of EU Parliament on 19 March 2014
Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent remains open in Brussels

Dossier of Online Evidence, 12 pages in support of our petition
…statistics, media coverage and human outcries

Punishment without Crime, > 50,000 visits since April 2012
… a follow-up from www.forced-adoption.com

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