After the second 10-day long demo outside Downing Street in 2013, John Hemming MP suggested to table the petition which was entitled Children Placed in Foster Care and published in Hansard.

However, nobody ever responded. We just got two letters by Edward Timpson MP, the Minister for Children and Families. They claim the good intentions as if everybody in Westminster is blissfully unaware of the heart breaking realities in families:

Yet John Hemming MP who has over 2,000 cases on file through his organisation Justice for Families blames government policy rather than social workers, while Ian Josephs who has handled an estimated 50,000 cases feels that the conscience of everybody involved in child snatching should have revolted. But already in Nazi times, “everybody is just doing their job.”

John Hemming MP has tabled Early Day Motions to raise awareness among MPs in Parliament. He also submitted a Families and Justice Bill to address #childsnatchuk.

But a real difference was made when Tom Watson MP asked about paedophile activities in Parliament and Number 10 in Prime Minister’s Question Time.

That’s what sparked the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse:

Now I’m trying to keep the finger on the pulse as Brian Pead is wondering whether the Ministry of Justice is going to order HMP Thameside to move him once again – instead of letting him teach prisoners as he offered.

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