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Are You About To Be Cross Examined By Your Abuser In Court? Ask for 12J

Researching Reform

The news this week that the government is finally getting around to addressing the practice of abusers cross examining their victims in the family courts has been welcomed by domestic violence campaigners and the President of the Family Division.

However, this is going to require legislation, which is going to take time.

If you are currently going through the family courts and are worried that your partner may be going to question you directly at an upcoming hearing, you don’t have to wait for the law to protect you.

Practice Direction 12J   advises all family law judges to step in and prevent victims and alleged victims of domestic violence from being cross examined by partners who have already been convicted of abusive behaviour or have been accused of such behaviour by the victim. Whilst this Direction is only guidance and does not have the same binding effect as law, its…

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In the UK #SocialServices didn’t listen; in the US I’m treated as a criminal #CSA #AbuseSurvivors @UKHomeOffice @becki_p20

“My biological father (in Hull) is the ring leader. He told me that he was going to kill me. And I knew he was capable of doing it. For I had seen it.

I was abused since I was 4. When I was 15, I was moved into foster care. But the abuse didn’t stop. Social Services didn’t believe me.

In 2015 I quit college. I was scared that I would be trafficked or killed. Something was going to happen that hasn’t happened before.”

The rest is institutional cover-up across borders and oceans…

Please try to join the dots between:

  • removing children from their biological parents – against their wills;
  • using the secrecy of UK family courts for legitimising such ‘child snatching’;
  • forcibly adopting children without parental consent – a punishment without crime;
  • organising ritual abuse;
  • satanic crimes…

Spot the pattern, ADMIRE this beautiful young lady and ask yourself why a blog like The Unspoken Spoken has become necessary in our ever so enlightened and ‘democratic’ society – besides her own The Power of Voices

And Why I know Pizzagate is real.


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From an Abuse Survivor’s mouth: #PizzaGate is real. Why would people attack #survivors and protect #paedophiles? @UKHomeOffice

Becki Percy’s channel carries not only these videos that speak for themselves. Her blog is The Power of Voices. On Twitter she is @becki_p20 She was detained by US customs in jail for 14 months, after having asked for asylum.

The flashbacks are still bad. I pray and pray and pray.


I knew I was going to be raped…

I always wanted a mum who’d love me and a dad who’d protect me.

This happened for years. 10 years I was being trafficked. And there were other children and I couldn’t do anything.

I know how that it was Satanic. I’ve done a lot of research into Satanic Ritual Abuse. Everything they did to me is there. They are satanists.

In 2010 I was taken into care which is like the Foster Care system in England.

…had a baby. In 2014 they killed her. I called her Lilly. They chopped her body up and made me dig holes for her body.

I was abused when I was 4 and trafficked when I was 9.

This is spiritual warfare.

I use the hashtag #pizzagate on every trafficking story, ritual abuse and satanic crimes.

People think that pizzagate is just in America, but it’s not.

I know from first hand experience that my parents trafficked children. They would do anything for money.

Children are in danger right now.

I wish I had someone who was fighting my corner. But I didn’t.

God has saved me from the devil. The devil will never win!!!


May 2017 become the Year of Breakthroughs we’ve been waiting for!!!

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Suffer the Little Children at Christmas: How Seriously does the Government take Child Sexual Abuse? #CSA @UKHomeOffice @MetPoliceUK

16-11-25-hansard-csaThis 11-minute debate is the debate of Diane Abbott MP’s urgent question as Shadow Home Secretary – on Friday 25 November 2016 11:00. The Hansard report is here.

Following the publication of the report by HM Inspectorate of Constabularies about National Child Protection Inspections, she asked for a statement.

Responses are provided by the Minister for Policing, Brendan Lewis MP commenting on the findings:

  • the Met has been failing in its duty to protect children from harm;
  • nearly 75% of all cases either needed improvement or were inadequate;
  • it is the most damning of all reports HMIC have ever written.

Diane Abbott MP (Hackney North and Stoke Newington) Lab:

The Home Office said in its “Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16”: “We have already recognised CSA as a national threat in the Strategic Policing Requirement, obliging forces to maximise specialist skills and expertise to prevent offending and resolve cases.”

Other MPs contributing to the debate: Continue reading

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#GoodNews #ShirleyOaks Abuse Survivors get compensation from #Lambeth #CSA @UKHomeOffice @MetPoliceUK @IICSA_media

It’s true and real and the mainstream media report it:

  1. BBC: Shirley Oaks ex-residents to get ‘abuse’ payouts
  2. Evening Standard: Revealed: London Council to pay tens of millions to child abuse scandal victims
  3. Daily Mail: Shirley Oaks was infiltrated by paedophiles from the 1950s until its closure in 1983… no wonder the children called this place ‘Hell’s

The multi-media report is on Shirley Oaks Survivors Association:

“All I want is justice, and all I get is cover-up after cover-up after cover-up.

It’s organised paedophilia.”

On Twitter look for #Lambeth, #ShirleyOaks, #CSA

Whistleblowers say:  Continue reading

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Tory Politicians Defend Their Friends In Parliament Over Child Abuse Allegations

Researching Reform

It seems almost impossible today to witness a broadly intelligent, balanced and considered discussion in Parliament, so when we saw a debate looking at ways to address police mistakes over the handling of certain child sex abuse allegations, we decided not to hold out breath.

Good thing we didn’t.

The debate, hosted by Conservative MP for Aldershot, Gerald Howarth looks at Operation Midland and the Henriques Report.

Operation Midland was set up to look at allegations of child sexual abuse within what was called a VIP paedophile ring, believed to be based in London’s Dolphin Square. The main complainant was a man known to the media as Nick. His testimony was later set aside and doubts were raised over whether his allegations were sound. Police conduct during the investigation was also questioned and a review of the Operation followed. That review, The Henriques Report, set out several concerns relating to the weight…

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