Mainstream Media

I shall only list here what comes my way and what I consider significant in the pursuit of truth, justice and fairness of survivors, whistleblowers and ‘rescuers’ such as McKenzie Friends:

Yorkshire Post – 21 Oct 2014:

The Star – 21 Oct 2014:

Daily Mail – 11 Sept 2014:

The Mirror – 10 Sept 2014:

The Guardian – 09 Sept 2014:

The Telegraph – 09 Sept 2014:

The Independent – 07 Sept 2014:

Daily Mail – 06 Sept 2014:

The Guardian – 29 August 2014

The Guardian – 26 August 2014

3 Responses to Mainstream Media

  1. peter oakes says:

    If you Google: Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophiles you will find that Rotherham
    and South Yorkshire Police are identicale. Jimmy Savile had his police friends supplying
    victims, then blackmailing the paedos, or giving them immunity from prosecution, the cops “fitted up” several people to prove they were still on the job of policing, they also messed up evidence to obtain a dismissal of trial for their friends in order to cover-up drug running, prostitution the police were bribing- blackmailing- drug dealing and making £millions their term for their corruption
    was called ” THE LAUGH ” dam right their are now laughing at the citizens of Rotherham and South Yorkshire !

    The Government does not want an Inquiry ! because it will finish Westminster and the
    House of Consmen for-ever the Hillsborough s—t will drag on and on only the legals will be happy getting paid for nowt.


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