From Hillsborough to Lambeth

14 07 23 from Hillsborough to Lambeth Front cover14 07 31 Back coverThis book was written by Brian Pead because of his unfair dismissal as a headmaster and subsequent bullying, harassment and torture by the Metropolitan Police, Essex Police, Norfolk Police, courts and prisons.

His co-author is Michael Bird, his supervisor in a counselling course.

It is online on and here as a downloadable pdf file.

About the banning, co-author Michael Bird writes:

At the point of putting the first book together (we currently also have a second one ‘Framed’) and info for at least three more), we were facing lots of ‘blocks’ to getting the info to the public (including having a website taken down by Sept ’12). We felt that as the book was not going to be a good read for the general reader but for those only interested in this particular subject – Invenire Press (Invenire is the latin for to find/expose) was created by a group of people for the purpose of exposing this and other miscarriages of justice.

On the 7th Jan 2013 Brian (rather than the publishers Invenire Press) received a letter from Pincent Masons solicitors claiming that they were representing Phyllis Dunipace and Cathy Twist, both of whom were mentioned in the book, but evidence was already in the public domain that both were castigated in the press and by MPs such as Simon Hughes. He is quoted as saying “I have rarely found a tribunal as willing to condemn as many people, senior people who came before them, for not telling the truth. This is not good enough” re the part they played in employing a consultant to outline a strategy to unfairly remove James Walker (another Head Teacher in Lambeth at the same time as Brian) from his post in much the same way they had to Brian – using all of the same tactics. Further info can be found at the Kennington News website below which gives the written judgement number etc (which we have a copy of in our possession and makes for horrendous reading)

The letter that Brian received demanded that the book and all information within be removed and not shared with the general public (for obvious reasons) or he would face legal proceedings. Brian responded by asking why he was being contacted and not the publishers of the book, he also asked Pincent Masons (the solicitors writing to him) for proof that this case was being brought by the two individuals and not Lambeth Council themselves and with the invitation to bring the case before the courts.

He felt that the information he had regarding his unfair dismissal by Lambeth in July 2007 was more than sufficient to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the individuals named were ‘negligent’ (a great legal term for proof of conspiring to remove someone from their post) as they were in the James Walker trial and that they both would also be found to have been negligent in Brian’s case. This is because

  • they had also allowed the ‘ransacking’ of Brian’s office
  • and the illegal removal of all of the evidence that he had against the teacher that was grooming children (and her associates),
  • they had attempted to present Brian’s methods of running the ‘virtual school’ as insufficient even though he had a report from an independent body stating that his unit was by far the best in London.

This is alongside

  • failing to specify allegations made against him,
  • denying statutory rights to lodge grievances against him,
  • imposing unlawful restrictions on his freedom of movement and association (all of which has been sited and proved by James Walker against both individuals).

We presented this information to Foyles before the book was due to launch on 17th Jan ’13 as they only ‘cancelled’ the event when one of their representatives met with both of us just hours before the launch without any prior chance to send all of the information required to their own legal department, which we felt would have allowed them to make a completely different decision.

If the criteria for getting books banned was just that people didn’t like the truth to be shared with the public, tens of thousands of books would need to be taken off the shelves immediately! The due process was through the court system.

The even more compelling footnote to this story is that Pincent Masons took Brian (alone) to court – but didn’t inform him of their intention to do so until the actual day they had a court date!!!

  • Therefore we were unable to be there to defend the info that they put before the judge.
  • When Brian did eventually get before the very same judge and attempt to present evidence that this was the case he shrugged and refused him the opportunity to present ANY evidence that supported either the fact that he was given the date of the court case on the same day that it was being presented before him or evidence that both Dunipace and Twist have previously been damned for the parts that they played in the Employment Tribunal Court Walker V Lambeth.

When Brian vehemently suggested that in the course of natural justice all of this information was central to the publishing of the book and the inclusion of both names (and others) involved with this proven negligence, he was threatened (as he often has been) with contempt of court and a prison sentence.

The judge Mr Justice Tugendhat (who ruled that the public “had the right to know” about John Terry’s affair with Wayne Bridges girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel) didn’t feel that the public had the right to know that a pattern was emerging with the named Lambeth officials that had already been castigated in the press and  had done exactly the same thing to Brian and that Lambeth Council and their staff had been instrumental in allowing the ‘grooming’ of children in their Borough.

It was following this ban that Brian was deemed to be in Contempt of Court at the Royal Courts of Justice (see 27 Mar 13 on Chronology) for not removing all traces of the information in the book from the entire internet!!!

Even though there was no evidence presented that Brian was solely (or partially) guilty for any of the information that Pincent Masons claimed was put there by Brian (in fact, if anything, the opposite was true that many of the blogs/articles/info etc were there long before Brian and I had written the book) he was still jailed for one month – and later ordered to pay £24,000.

Does ‘justice’ mean different things for different people, i.e. judges, victims, employers and whistleblowers???

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