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Appealing to Current and Future Child Protection @IICSA_media @cabinetofficeUK @theresa_may

Beatrix Campbell found adoption and foster leaflets of a local council, when she made Listen to the Children for Channel IV in 1990 – investigating satanic crimes and ritual abuse. On 12 Sept 2016 she wrote in The Guardian: The scale of historical … Continue reading

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@UKHomeOffice @IICSA_media #CSAinquiry Male #Abuse #Survivors Healing into Action: Scottish #Petition and UK Support Group

Two Good News items from male abuse survivors: In just under a week my petition gets heard in the Scottish Parliament. It has been going strong for over a year and I feel it really deserves recognition that it truly deserves. I … Continue reading

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@ukhomeoffice @MoJ End #Goddard Child Abuse Inquiry Discrimination Against #Survivors #CSA

Petitioning Counsel: Ben Emerson Justice Goddard End Goddard Child Abuse Inquiry Discrimination Against Survivors Whiteflowers Campaign Group United Kingdom “Dear Justice Goddard Following the exclusion of survivor and whistleblower, Nigel O’Mara from core participation in the Independent Institutional Child Sex … Continue reading

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@cpsuk Operation #Hydrant: Numbers of ‘prominent’ #paedophile suspects rise

Numbers of ‘prominent’ paedophile suspects rise The number of people of public prominence or in institutions believed to have committed historical child abuse offences has increased substantially in the past nine months, new figures have revealed. The statistics, collated from … Continue reading

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@Schofe Professionally outraged: what Paedos downunder have in common with #PaedoUK? @VIPPaedoRing #Survivors #Victims @FionaRaeBarnett @rights_victims

According to this BBC news, the Home Office has set up a Helpline for child abuse whistle-blowers: 0800 0280 285. When I phoned and answered all questions, she got that it was about ‘institutional cover-up’. The final recommendation was: not our … Continue reading

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Noble Intentions of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry #CSA: 5 Workstreams for 12 Investigations into 3 #Councils, 2 #Churches, #Westminster

Here’s the official list of 12 investigations and 5 workstreams with the names of the Panel members leading them. Lambeth, Rochdale, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Councils are named on this list of investigations! Residential schools are also included! And here are … Continue reading

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@ChrisSpivey3: Corruption, Criminality and Wrong-Doing in Public Office (UK) #paedoUK

The remarkable ‘public whistleblower‘ Chris Spivey put these amazing links and 133 press clippings together: Lists of corruption, criminality and wrong-doing in public office (UK) Map of Corrupt Police officers: List of known paedophiles: Labour25 about Labour Party Paedophiles: Press … Continue reading

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