Survivor of Sexual Abuse

Brian Pead was sexually abused in a care home [Highfield Oval in Harpenden] from the age of 5 until 12. It is this fact,  among others, that has made him so adamant in protecting as many children as he possibly can. He offers the unfortunate ones that he could not protect, the best educational opportunities that his roll as a teacher can give. Therefore, to deprive these children the support and advice that this dedicated Survivor is offering is yet another terrible injustice to them and to him.

Copied from the end of From Hillsborough to Lambeth:

At the age of 5, having been sexually abused in a children’s home, I developed a great interest in the psychology of perpetrators and their victims, as well as the concept of survivors of abuse.

At 14, I began writing my first book on the history of Liverpool Football Club which was published almost twenty years later. I went on to write five books on the entire history of Liverpool FC from 1892 to the present.

At 19, I witnessed the Coroner at the inquest of my late brother attempt to lay the blame for his death on board a Lowestoft trawler on to my brother’s shoulders when I instinctively knew him to be innocent. Shades of the Hillsborough Coroner.

At 27, I brought corporate lies and mismanagement to the attention of the Chairman of Unilever, the late Sir David Orr, who instigated an enquiry.

At 36, I attended the football match which came to be known as the Hillsborough disaster, when the three pillars of society – the police, the legal system and a free press – conspired to lay the blame for the unnecessary deaths of Liverpool fans on to the fans themselves. I baulked at the police lies and the obvious cover-up and I dedicated my book ‘Ee Aye Addio – We’ve Won the Cup!’ to those who had died at Hillsborough and their families and friends.

At 39, I spent half a day with one of the most humble – yet successful – men I have ever met in my entire life: Bob Paisley. In his foreword, he kindly referred to the depth of research that I had undertaken to write ‘Champions of Champions’, my fourth book on the history of the club that I love.

At 47, I was involved in a legal fight of David and Goliath proportions with the Football Association and the Premier League who tried to blacken my name when I legally purchased the domain names of Premier League clubs. Having taken advice from my MP, the late Sir Edward Heath, I beat the legal action against me when the Premier League settled out of court.

All my life, I have been drawn towards lies, corruption and cover-ups and felt that it was my duty to expose them wherever possible.

At the age of 53, I was forced to dismiss a female colleague for racism and the sexual grooming of female pupils. Three weeks later, I was unlawfully suspended from my post as Head teacher and she was reinstated by Lambeth Council with the full knowledge of her misdemeanours – and placed in an all-girls’ school.

This book is the true story of local authority corruption and a cover-up of inadequate child safeguarding policies which currently give carte blanche to those teachers who have a sexual interest in children to perpetrate their crimes in the knowledge that if they are reported to the Head teacher, their crime will usually not get reported outside of the four walls of the school.

As the survivor of child sexual abuse, this story is for all those who have suffered wrongly and for all those who have been the victims of a cover-up. And for the 96.

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