Chronology of Events

Our corrupt legal system: when everybody is a victim, except rich criminals… [title of a book published in Australia]

This list of events since November 2006 is an excellent record:

  • after Brian’s students had confided in him as headmaster, he dismisses a teacher who was grooming girls and was racist and bullying boys
  • his own subsequent suspension and dismissal, while the grooming teacher gets re-instated
  • his loss at the Employment Tribunal
  • subsequent exceptional and extreme bullying and harassment by a number of Police forces
  • three unlawful imprisonments
  • an endless series of court hearings with remarkable ‘negligence’ by lawyers and judges
  • his daughter being threatened to have her children removed if he maintains contact
  • and a grandfather trying to defend himself and his daughter and grandchildren in the face of ‘authorities’ who abuse their positions of power.

Persecution by the State of BRIAN PEAD
for PRISON purposes aka William Brian FREEMAN,
for COUNSELLING purposes aka William GOODFELLOW

The following chronology provides a glimpse of the State’s persecution of an innocent whistle-blower of paedophilia in Lambeth Council:

Nov 2006 –   As Headmaster, Brian dismisses teacher for grooming, racism and bullying.

Dec 2006 –   Suspended without being told reasons why;
dismissed teacher gets reinstated.

July 2007 –   Dismissed by Lambeth Council.

Sept 2007 – Commences investigation into a website called Faceparty;
four females students (20-25) move across the road from him.

Oct 2007 –    A female is seen dancing provocatively at her window on a regular basis.

Dec 2007 –   Brian and others show evidence of child abuse on Faceparty.

Jan 2008 –    Brian takes Lambeth Council to Employment Tribunal;
case is delayed for 6 weeks after he informs the Judge that the case involves child grooming by a female teacher who is not CRB checked by Lambeth Council.

On the same day as the Tribunal Hearing, a person claiming to be a female aged 14 emails Brian asking for money for sex.
Due to his experience of sexual abusers, he believes this person to be an adult and asks questions with a view to reporting this person to Faceparty management.

Brian commences work as a Counsellor at Off Centre.

Feb 2008 –    He attends a weekend course (2/3 Feb) on child sexual abuse at the Centre for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) in Hornsey, North London. [Source:  attendance register held by CPPD]

He goes to Employment Tribunal (14 Feb). The judge (a school governor) fails to hear the entire case; informs him he has ‘lost’ and wrongly claims he has no right of appeal.

On the same day, he receives a further communication from the 14 year old ‘girl’ and asks more searching questions with a view to reporting this person. The student in the house near to Brian’s continues to dance and undress at her bedroom window.

Mar 2008 –   Writes to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), but receives no answer [Source: letter]

Passes Advanced Diploma in Humanistic lntegrative Counselling at the CPPD [Source: CPPD] Provides staff training on Child Sexual Abuse to colleagues at Off Centre and its sister-charity, Sub19.

Apr 2008 –    Writes to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, but receives no answer [Source: letter]

Awarded the post of Group Therapist at Off Centre. [Source: letter of engagement; completed job application form]

Gives up contract with BT – he no longer wants internet at home [Source: BT contract]

May 2008 – Visits the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and personally hands in his Appeal letter.

Two weeks later – still having heard nothing from the EAT – he is arrested on an allegation of Exposure to the female living opposite. Despite providing the Police with evidence that what the females claimed was not possible, he is charged with Exposure.

08 May 08    With no internet connection, he visits friend Geoffrey Bacon. They both use the internet [Source:  Geoffrey Bacon witness statement]
[Source: police transcript dated 04 June 2008]

15 May 08    Visits friend Geoffrey Bacon. They both use the Internet. The ‘underage girl’ sends instant messages to Brian. He replies “You are a fake! Fuck off!” Brian informs Geoffrey Bacon that he believed the ‘girl’ to be an adult male, probably middle-aged; that he believed the person to be a paedophile and that the website ‘Faceparty’ was degenerating.

[Source: Brian Pead witness statement, Geoffrey Bacon witness statement, police transcript dated 04 June 2008]


None of the above sources were shown to the jury in 2009 and no discussion of this conversation was ever heard in court.

02 June 08 – Unlawfully stopped and searched at railway station for allegedly “sexually assaulting a young Asian woman on your way to the station”. [Source: line management notes taken at Off Centre after he reported this abuse at work]

04 June 08 – Arrested at home with an ITV film crew present (unlawfully).

Interviewed at Charing Cross Police Station – challenges Police to produce his chatlogs with the ‘female’.

POLICE FAIL TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE [Source:  transcript of police interview 04 June 2008]

Brian’s legal advisor tells him “You have been clever enough to out-sting an illegal police sting operation – they will be out to get you”.

[Source: Marcia Weise, legal advisor]

Released without charge after three separate interviews lasting more than 6 hours.

Police tell Brian’s daughter, Sorrel, “Your father is a paedophile.” [Source: Sorrel Birch nee Pead]

Police remove his computer at Off Centre Counselling charity in Hackney and his research into child sexual abuse is wiped clean from the Off Centre mainframe servers. [Source: Maya Walker, Off Centre employee; various letters informing Brian re dismissal]

05 June 08 – Suspended by Off Centre.

13 June 08 – Dismissed by Off Centre Counselling charity in Hackney. Off Centre is part-funded by the Metropolitan Police.

01 July 08 –  Forensic report on Brian’s computers shows no child pornography or searches for it.

25 July 08 –  The same police who arrested Brian at his home on 04 June 2008 claimed to have applied to the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court for a Search Warrant for the home of Geoffrey Bacon to look for ‘computer or computer-related equipment’.



31 July 08 –  Police search Geoffrey and Roy Bacon’s house for ‘computer or computer related equipment’ and seize one computer. The search lasts 10 minutes, including taking a statement from Geoffrey Bacon.

04 June 08 – The police claim it is necessary to seize the computer “because it will prove the innocence or guilt of Brian Pead.”

ln a breach of protocol, the computer is not placed inside an evidence bag and it is not sealed or signed for. [Source:  police letters to Roy and Geoffrey Bacon, Brian Pead witness statement, Geoffrey Bacon witness statement]

July–Dec 08 Various court hearings.

19 Jan 09 –   Police claim they have taken a statement from Warwick Leigh Brown, lT manager of Faceparty.

The statement is not witnessed and has no Unique Reference Number

06 Feb 09 –   Attends Woolwich Crown Court in a preliminary hearing before the trial for Exposure. The CPS inform Judge Byers that the “three female witnesses will be ready on Monday”.

09 Feb 09 –   Trial. The females fail to attend. Therefore no case to answer and the case should have been dismissed. But the Judge allows the trial to go ahead at a later date in June 2009.

10 Feb 09 –   Complains about Abuse of Process.

16 Feb 09 –   Charged with “inciting a child to engage in sexual activity” – contrary to Section 10 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. No child ever existed.

18 July 09 –  Beaten up in the street by 4 police officers from Bexley Police. Two witnesses to the beating make official complaints to the police.

Kate Halpin of Bexley Police visits witnesses and forces them to withdraw their statements “if you know what’s good for you.”

Police visit Brian’s house and force his tenants to leave.

14 Dec 09 –  Trial begins at Southwark Crown Court:

(i) Incitement of a 14-year-old ‘girl’ who never existed

(ii) Exposure to three females.

Too ill to attend trial but forced to attend.

The Crown Prosecution Service and the Police fail to produce Full Disclosure.

Two separate indictments were joined and heard before the same Jury.

Gross Prosecutorial Misbehaviour went unreported and unchallenged by the Defendant’s counsel.

The Jury was unduly pressured to reach a decision on the last day of Court before the Christmas recess.

A disproportionate amount of time was allocated to the Prosecution compared with the Defence.

The Defendant’s counsel failed

  • to call a Witness As To Fact
  • to inform the Judge about several instances of demonstrable Perjury.

Defence counsel failed in his Duty of Care to the Defendant by

  • being late each day to Court and not meeting daily with his client during the Trial
  • introducing the wrong evidence into Court failing to challenge the Crown’s witnesses and merely accepting whatever they said as fact
  • failing to extract the most relevant information from the Defence witnesses as to provide a proper Defence before the Jury
  • being grossly under prepared for Trial
  • failing to read evidence sent to him by the Defendant
  • failing to enter crucial evidence into Court for the Jury to consider
  • over-simplifying the case and stating that it was predicated on one premise only, and failing to consider other crucial evidence
  • breaking Client Confidentiality and informing the Judge in Court that the Defendant was discussing the possibility of dismissing him prior to his dismissal
  • entering into Court several Character References without ensuring they were signed by the authors; they were subsequently rejected by  the Crown as not being admissible evidence, and were thus not read out in Court before the Judge and Jury
  • failing to obtain Full Disclosure – despite advertising on his legal pages that he is “an expert on disclosure
  • failing to obtain crucial information to support the Defendant’s assertions of his innocence
  • not challenging the authenticity of three illegal searches of two houses and a place of work
  • failing to inform the Judge and Jury of Gross Prosecutorial Misbehaviour when it had been brought to his attention by the Defendant.

The Judge

  • failed to stop the Trial when all three witnesses for the Crown stated that they had not seen the Defendant’s genitals in the Indictment for Exposure, thus leaving a biased Jury to decide on Indictment Two.
  • allowed the Trial to continue even when the three Witnesses for the Crown changed their minds in court and stated that, although they had not seen the Defendant’s genitals, they had seen him masturbating.

Apart from the fact that this could not have been true – and was not true – the Witnesses were demonstrably changing their very story before the judge and Jury in yet a further attempt by the Prosecution to defame the Defendant. Furthermore, at no point did the female Witnesses ever call the Police and state they had seen him masturbating at his window. This allegation was added later by the Police in an attempt to strengthen one already weak case, then a second weak case.

No official record of this trial exists

23 Dec 09     Trial ends at Southwark Crown Court. Brian is told by judge that if he continues to maintain his innocence, he will be sent to prison.

24 Dec 09     Posts a letter through his daughter’s door about police corruption and maintaining his innocence.

30 Dec 09     Sends his eldest granddaughter a birthday card and tells her how much he is missing her.

04 Jan 2010 Attends Bexleyheath Police Station with a witness. DS Williams asks “Who are you talking to about your case?”

His local vicar informs him that a vigilante has been undertaking a house to-house campaign against him in another effort by the police to alienate him from his neighbours.

06 Jan 10      Attends Probation. Provides them with incontrovertible evidence of police corruption – Probation fails to act.

22 Jan 10      Appeals against the conviction from Southwark Crown Court.

27 Jan 10      Sentencing at Southwark Crown Court. Brian packed ready for prison; Witness Geoffrey Bacon at Court; Brian sentenced to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order not to have unsupervised contact with under-aged children except for his grandchildren; on the Sex Offenders Register for 5 years; Brian signs no paperwork.

Police ask for a permanent search warrant on his house (not granted).

Feb 2010      His son-in-law visits and tells him he can see his grandchildren again in 5 months “after the dust has settled”. He adds, “We’ve told them that you favoured Lauren and not the other two so we’ve fallen out with you.”

Brian tells his son-in-law this is not true and he does not agree with that course of action, saying they should be told the truth: that their grandfather has been ‘fitted up’.

22 Feb 10     Visited by two police officers from Bexley. They claim they have a ‘Harassment Warning Notice’ from his daughter and eldest grandchild, Emily. Brian examines the note. lt is not witnessed. His date of birth is not on the form. His daughter’s name is spelled incorrectly. He refuses to sign the form.

08 Apr 10     A person claiming to be a PC Testoni from Lowestoft Police calls Brian and says that his nephew has threatened violence against him and that the nephew has mental health issues. Despite the obvious threats of violence, the nephew is not arrested or interviewed by police. lt is an obvious police lie and a tactic to make Brian think he has no family connections left.

20 Apr 10     Writes to Lowestoft Police requesting full disclosure.

26 Apr 10     Receives a reply to his letter for disclosure, allegedly from PC Testoni but on plain paper with no Suffolk Police logo or letter headed paper.

06 July 10     Appeal rejected by a single Judge who claims Brian’s barrister conducted himself properly.

Jan-May 10  Forced to attend weekly Probation. The ‘Victim Awareness’ programme causes concern because, as Brian pointed out, there never was a victim, so how can he be remorseful towards whom?

17 Aug 10     DS Williams and PC John Brown interrupt a probation meeting. DS Williams shouts and threatens: “l will come to your house every week until you let me in.” Brian suggests he applies for a Search Warrant and reminds DS Williams that the Judge refused to grant a search warrant on 27 January 2010 at Sentencing.

Aug-Nov 10 Working at Liberty Human Rights one day a week as part of his law degree. He informs them about his ‘conviction’ and police corruption but they fail to act.

Sept 10          Commences his law degree at the University of Greenwich in London. He informs his tutors about his miscarriage of justice. Kim Everett, a non-practising barrister, advises him not to use the word ‘corruption’. In the interest of justice, Brian takes the precaution of tape-recording all meetings with Ms Everett.

14 Nov 10    Writes to James Brokenshire MP correcting factual mistakes in letters he had received from the Police. His parliamentary remit includes liaising closely with the police but is unhelpful.

18 Dec 10     Writes to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, and provides him with evidence of police perjury, misconduct in public office and corruption.

07 Jan 11      Arrested twice on the same day:

(i) alleged breach of Sexual Offences Order

{ii) alleged harassment of his daughter and granddaughter Emily.

Tactically, these arrests are to keep Brian labelled as a ‘sex offender’ and to further alienate him from his family.

House searched without a warrant. Brian had sought disclosure around his nephew threatening him, but the police don’t comply.

28 Jan 11      Attends Bexley Magistrates Court for a preliminary meeting.

16 Mar 11    On his father’s written request, Brian takes him from the council care home in Surbiton to live with him in Sidcup. His father, aged 91, has open sores on his bottom and his feet are encrusted with dirt. His toe-nails are in-growing. He nurses his father and provides him with comfort.

18 Mar 11    Bexley Police send a large van and four officers to his house. He refuses to let them in as they have no warrant and his father is asleep in bed. lt is 9pm.

19 Mar 11    Bexley Police insist on seeing his father or they will “storm your house and remove your father”. He uses the opportunity to show the police the poor condition of his father’s feet and toenails. Two marked police cars and three officers attend.

Local Vicar calls in to see Brian. “I could see all that was going on from my window. That has to be defined as harassment in anybody’s language. Talk about ‘over the top’.” Vicar meets Brian’s father and introduces himself.

21 Mar 11    Kingston Social Services (KSS) claim Brian has illegally removed his father from the home. Brian informs them he was being neglected in the Council-run care home. Brian informs KSS that he will not pay the money they are demanding because of their ill treatment of his father.

23 Mar 11    DS Williams and PC John Brown from Bexleyheath Police visit Brian at his home and ask him to sign Form 3316 to demonstrate his change of address.

25 Mar 11    Attends Dartford County Court in his case against the tenants who left without paying final month’s rent. Tenants state that they left his house because the police forced them to. The Police have no authority in civil matters, but they clearly wanted to disrupt Brian’s life and run him out of money.

07 Apr 11     Attends Woolwich Crown Court on charge of alleged breach of Sexual Offences Act. Judge tells CPS that there is no trial bundle; that there are no indictment papers; that the CPS are “wholly unprepared” for trial.

13 Apr 11     Trial at Bexley Magistrates Court on a charge of harassment (section2) is postponed.

Police threaten to use video evidence of Brian’s 12-year-old granddaughter, even though she never received the birthday card or letter sent to her.

Brian is prepared to fight for the rights of his three grandchildren in this case if necessary.

18 Apr 11     He writes to his solicitor, Peter Brady of Brady, Eastwood, Pierce and Stewart (BEPS) about the lack of disclosure from the CPS and the State’s interference in every aspect of his life.

20 June 11   Brian’s father dies in his sleep at home. Detectives attend the house and start examining the body with a view to blaming Brian for his father’s death. He tells them to leave the body alone and leave his house.

13 July 11     The CPS writes to BEPS stating that neither Brian’s daughter nor his granddaughter have made statements against him and that 12 year old Emily had not even seen the birthday card and letter sent to her. There cannot have been any harassment therefore.

03 Aug 11    Leads his father’s funeral at Eltham Crematorium. Neither his daughter nor his grandchildren are present. The invitations he sent out to them were returned, having been intercepted by the police.

07 Aug 11     BEPS finally writes to their client, Brian, and inform him that the CPS may want to call Brian’s daughter and granddaughter, “but they are not sure”. This letter is a lie. The CPS had not stated that in their letter to BEPS. BEPS urges against Brian calling his daughter and granddaughter, despite the fact that they have made no statements against him. Of course he would need to cross-examine them to ask why the police claimed he had been harassing them, if they had not claimed this or made statements against him alleging harassment.

17 Aug 11     Attends Greenwich Magistrates Court in the alleged trial for harassment of his daughter and granddaughter. BEPS withdraws its representation in the matter, after Brian informed them of their corrupt practices.

31 Aug 11     Despite the Woolwich riots taking place on the same night, Bexley Police deploy 8 officers and 5 vehicles to arrest Brian who is living alone. Police climb on to his roof at the rear of his house and attempt to gain access through an open bathroom window, whilst he is talking with officers at the front.

Friends Geoffrey and Roy Bacon ask why Brian is being arrested and why it took so many police and vehicles to attend the property.

Roy Bacon, 83, is threatened with arrest for asking questions about Brian’s trial at Southwark in 2009, telling the police he is innocent.

07 Sept 11    Writes to Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and asks searching questions about the law, his trial and police corruption.

He also sends letters to the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, Lambeth Council, the Minister for Justice, the Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, the Lord Chief Justice, various Law Lords, Nick Clegg’s wife (a barrister), Lambeth MPs and several other prominent people without receiving any replies.

23 Sept 11   Arrested on a charge of alleged witness intimidation – by saying “Hello” to his 12 year old granddaughter at a bus stop. There are no restraining orders or similar against him to prevent such communication. Emily Birch, his granddaughter, has never been a witness in any trial or hearing.

23 Sep 11     Remanded in custody, while his house is searched by officers.

Remanded to Belmarsh maximum-security prison – even though there is no crime and no victim of witness intimidation. Friends and supporters believe Brian’s arrest was to ‘take the heat off’ those in positions of authority who needed Brian off the streets in order to (a) disrupt his life, (b) try to control him and (c) deflect attention away from their own wrong-doing.

Not one of the agencies of the State that he wrote to earlier in the month has ever replied to his letters.

31 Oct 11     Attends Bexley Magistrates Court. The case for witness intimidation is thrown out. Brian ought to have been released. However, he is sent back to Belmarsh Prison.

Brian shares a cell with celebrity gangster Dave Courtney. The two men swap stories about police and judicial corruption.

01 Nov 11    At Bexley Magistrates Court, Brian is found guilty of the harassment against his own daughter and granddaughter, but no members of the public are present, no disclosure or paperwork is in Court, and no witnesses for the Defence appear. His daughter – who allegedly brought the case against him, does not appear in Court nor is a statement from her read out in Court.

Brian has a ‘Restraining Order’ placed upon him with no contact with his daughter or grandchildren for 18 months. This move was to not only isolate Brian from his loved ones, but also to ensure that the police lies and paperwork shown to his daughter would not be discussed between him and his daughter.

Sept-Nov 11            Gets moved between Belmarsh and Wandsworth prisons every 3-4 days as the authorities attempt to cause as much disruption to his life as possible and to isolate him so that friends and supporters cannot arrange visits. Letters sent to him ‘go missing’.

15 Nov 11    He is finally released from prison after an appearance at Woolwich Crown Court.

22 Nov 11    At Southwark Crown Court, he has his original sentence (from 27 January 2010) rescinded and his sentence (in a crime with no victim) increased to 7 years on the Sex Offenders Register and the wearing of a ‘tag’ for 3 months and a house curfew.

Dec 2011      He loses a possession order on his house at Dartford County Court – his only option is to sell and move away.

He sends another letter to the Criminal Cases Review Commission with regard to having his unlawful conviction overturned.

06 Jan 2012 He moves to Southend on Sea, Essex. He is fitted with an electronic ‘tag’ in order that his movements are severely curtailed and that he is constantly monitored to prevent him from further exposing what he has been submitted to.

07 Jan 12      Goes to Southend Police Station to inform them of his whereabouts. The civilian conducting a search for him on the Police National Computer says: “is strange. This seems to be a false record. It won’t allow me to print anything out.” lt transpires that this alleged record included offences of rape against a 13 year old female and other sexual offences which Brian has never committed, been charged with, indicted for, or appeared at Court for.

19 Jan 12      Forced to appear at Woolwich Crown Court with less than 24 hours’ notice. In a clear abuse of process, he is told by the Judge that he will not be allowed legal representation and that he will have to defend himself, and that he must return tomorrow to start a trial by Jury.

20 Jan 12      Represents himself with Michael Bird as his McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) at Crown Court. The case for the Crown collapses due to demonstrable lies from the Police and false evidence being entered into Court. The Judge rebukes the CPS for bringing the case and the police officer for his ‘fabricated testimony’ and for bringing false evidence into Court. PC John Brown of Bexleyheath Police is not arrested for his crimes.

02 Feb 12     Arrested by Essex Police for an alleged offence of tampering with the electronic tagging machine (he hadn’t) which is, in itself, a non-arrestable offence. Held unlawfully overnight – taken to Bromley Magistrates Court in London the following day.

03 Feb 12     Prosecution fails to attend; case moved to Greenwich Magistrates Court.

07 Feb 12     Greenwich Magistrates Court. Prosecution fails to attend. Magistrate adjourns to 14th February “to give the Crown a second chance“, despite being in possession of facts that show that he cannot be guilty of an offence.

14 Feb 12     Greenwich Magistrates Court. Prosecution attends – drops two original charges relating to interfering with the tagging machine, but adds another bogus charge of failing to return the machine (it had been handed in at Southend Police Station in January.)

19 Feb 12     Writes to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) once again asking for reasons for the delay in his conviction being overturned.

28 Feb 12     Bogus charge dropped at Greenwich Magistrates Court.

15 May 12    Writes to his MP (James Duddridge, Conservative) about evidence of police and judicial corruption.

30 July 12     After 2 months, Duddridge replies: “I fully support the actions of Essex Police. Do not correspond with me again.”

01 Aug 12     Launches the website and uploads full details of his unlawful trials, police and judicial corruption, including secret tape recordings of barristers and probation workers, whom he had informed of corruption.

The website is moderate and factual and only information which was real was uploaded to the website, hosted in England.

20 Aug 12     Receives an email from Alasdair Palmer, a human rights journalist from the Daily Telegraph. He had reviewed documentation provided to him about Brian’s trial at Southwark in December 2009. The email states:

“Dear Brian,

I found your material extremely interesting. It is clear to me that you were indeed the victim of an injustice as you maintain.

Thank you again for sharing your material with me.

With best wishes,


Aug-Dec 12  Completes his 10th book: From Hillsborough to Lambethcorruption and cover-up of child abuse and racism in Lambeth.

Sept 2012     Receives an email from UK2Net, the web host claiming that they have had ‘a complaint’ about the website from a Mr Paul Birch of Sidcup (Brian’s son-in-law). The ‘complaint’ states that Brian has posted information about his daughter and grandchildren and therefore the web hosts will remove the site.

Asks to see a copy of the alleged complaint, but UK2Net failed to provide this disclosure.

Oct 2012      From Hillsborough to Lambeth is published by lnvenire Press.
The cover features a photograph of Phyllis Dunipace receiving her OBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Yet this woman failed the pupils and parents of Lambeth by allowing a known groomer of female pupils to be re-instated in an all-girls school after she had been dismissed by Brian.

25 Oct 12     Meets Larisa Brown of the Daily Mail re his findings about Lambeth. She is extremely interested in the story and documents he shows her. He also shows her a copy of the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth. “We will want this story” she tells him. She agrees to contact him ‘tomorrow’.

26 Oct 12     True to her word, Larisa Brown of the Daily Mail responds to Brian in an email: “Thank you for our chat yesterday. I’ve had a word with Arthur and the team and I’m afraid it’s not something for us.”

18 Nov 12    Brian and co-author Michael Bird write to HM the Queen seeking the forfeiture of the OBE by Phyllis Dunipace, former Head of Children’s Services in Lambeth, who resigned in mysterious circumstances following the unlawful dismissal of James Walker, another Head Teacher at Lambeth.

30 Nov 12    Brian and Michael Bird receive a letter from Andy Burnham MP, who was instrumental in assisting the Hillsborough Families Support Group uncovering police and judicial corruption. Mr Burnham states that he has read the book “with great interest”. He adds that he cannot, of course, represent Brian because he does not live within his constituency, and “that I commend your search for justice.”

Vows to clear his name and for his beloved grandchildren to learn the truth, not the police version of events.

10 Dec 12     The website goes live. It is hosted in Slovakia, outside of the jurisdiction of England & Wales. Nothing defamatory is posted on it, only factual content. A link on the website to Amazon is created so that people can purchase the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth.

Almost immediately negative comments are posted about the book by the police, claiming that Brian has invented it all, that he is a ‘fantasist’ and a ‘convicted sex offender’. No comments are posted about co-author Michael Bird.

20 Dec 12     On his daughter’s birthday, Brian receives a letter from the Cabinet Office regarding the application to remove Dunipace’s OBE. ‘The process is ongoing and will take time‘. Nothing more is ever heard since.

03 Jan 13      Alex Passman, an award-winning employment lawyer, calls Michael Bird and also emails him about the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth: “I have received the book and I agree that the sections in which I am mentioned give an accurate description of the events.”

Page 256 of the book states: “Passman told Pead that he was being set up, and that Lambeth would find him guilty on all counts. Twist didn’t allow any of Passman’s rebuttals to the allegations and Passman said that this was absolute nonsense. He added that there was something incredibly strange about this case.

07 Jan 13      Receives a letter from Pinsent Masons who claim to be acting on behalf of Lambeth Council’s Phyllis Dunipace and Cathy Twist, both of whom were severely castigated by Simon Hughes MP after the unlawful dismissal of Head Teacher James Walker.

17 Jan 13      Foyle’s – the children’s bookseller of the year for 2012 – unilaterally cancel the proposed launch of From Hillsborough to Lambeth in the South Bank branch in Lambeth.

24 Jan 13      Writes to 300 fee earners at Pinsent Masons and informs them of failures by the international law firm in pre-action protocol for defamation: the very first step is to write to the publishers, but Pinsent Masons failed to do this. The next step is to ask for certain passages, which are deemed to be defamatory to be removed. Pinsent Masons failed to do this throughout.

Jan 2013       More negative comments are posted on Amazon about the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth, all attacking Brian Pead and not one of them commenting about Michael Bird. However, a former pupil at the Lambeth School that Brian was Headteacher in uploads a detailed comment in which she (and her mother) confirm that everything in the book is true.

Thus an independent award-winning lawyer had corroborated Brian’s version of events at Lambeth and now also a former pupil and her mother.

30 Jan 13      Pinsent Masons call Brian (and not co-author Michael Bird) and tell him they are applying for an injunction that day at the High Court in London. Brian has no opportunity to travel to London from Southend in time. In another abuse of process, Sir Michael Tugendhat allows an injunction despite the ‘other party’ not being in Court and having no opportunity to appear in time. This was not an emergency application!

Pinsent Masons failed to provide proof that they are acting on behalf of Dunipace and Twist.

Pinsent Masons apply for an injunction against Brian for alleged harassment of the international law firm and its employees because he wrote to them about their failures with regard to pre-action protocols.

Co-author Michael Bird was not a party to any proceedings brought by Pinsent Masons – only Brian.

Lambeth Council also claim harassment by Brian and instruct Pinsent Masons to represent them in the High Court. However, when Brian sought disclosure about the Letter of Instruction, none is forthcoming.

01 Feb 13     The High Court issues an injunction against Brian – but not Michael Bird – preventing publication or distribution of the book. A full text copy of the book is already on the internet in Holland.

03 Feb 13     Goes out into the street to ask a man why he keeps knocking on the communal entrance door to his flat in Southend.
The man attempts to give Brian some papers but he refuses to accept them. He stands in front of the man’s car to take photos and calls Michael Bird. The man switches on the engine and drives straight at Brian’s legs. Brian calls the police who fail to turn up. Minutes later, Michael Bird arrives on the scene and witnesses the man drive off. This incident was uploaded to the website.

06 Feb 13     Sends Chuka Umunna, MP in Lambeth, a copy of the book and other information. Mr Umunna’s email provides an automatic receipt, but he does nothing about the corruption in Lambeth Council. Brian takes a copy of the book to the offices of Max Clifford and is given a receipt.

07 Feb 13     Georgina Allen (of Max Clifford) emails Brian and tells him they cannot help publicise the story.

08 Feb 13     Sends an Open Letter to Simon Hughes MP re Lambeth child abuse, requesting that the MP puts forward an Early Day Motion in Parliament. This is the same Simon Hughes, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, who said in respect of the unlawful dismissal of Lambeth Head teacher James Walker: “I have rarely found a tribunal as willing to condemn as many people, senior people who came before them, for not telling the truth. This is not good enough.”


The ‘senior people’ included Phyllis Dunipace, Cathy Twist, Barry Gilhooly and Claire Cobbold of Lambeth Children and Young People’s Service – four of the very same people who featured in Brian’s dismissal and who Alex Passman had agreed on 03 January 2013 that Brian had been ‘set up’ by Lambeth Council. The letter to Simon Hughes (now a Minister for Justice) mentioned the work of Tom Watson MP, who is exposing paedophile MPs. Several letters have been sent to Mr Hughes, but he has failed to reply, either in his capacity as an MP or as a Minister of Justice.

08 Mar13     Receives an automated email response from Tessa Jowell MP who was handed a copy of the book by a former pupil at the Lambeth school and her mother. Ms Jowell is one of three MPs for Lambeth. The others were also sent copies of the book. Not one of the MPs wrote to the authors or publishers.

14 Mar 13    Brian – but not co-author Michael Bird – is forced to attend court on a charge of Contempt of Court. Is forced to return on 27 March 2013.

15 Mar 13    Arrested. No reason is given. Held overnight in police cell. Released the following afternoon without charge.

17 Mar 13    Story appears on website. A comment reads: “The targeting by the police of this grandfather is reminiscent of the Stasi. Will keep you updated on Brian Pead a brave and good man.”. Another comment reads: “Sadly the vilification of whistle blowers is a common theme.” Another reads: “I’ve just come across this and it is eye opening what Lambeth Council get up to. They really do think they are above the law and act with a total disregard for facts and evidence. There are evil people in Lambeth Children and Young People’s Service department still abusing children and ruining families.”

25 Mar 13    Story is sent to the WhistleBlowers UK website.

26 Mar 13    The Daily Mirror runs a front-page story entitled “Paedo MP Cover-up Claim – Top Cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects.” Scotland Yard’s DCI Clive Driscoll is moved off the case and on to the Stephen Lawrence case after he names at least one MP as being involved in child abuse. Former Labour councillor Anna Tapsell claims she was  visited by a police chief and ‘warned off’ (see 18 July 2009) after she raised concerns that detectives would not properly investigate allegations of paedophile activity in Lambeth care homes.

Ms Tapsell had highlighted sex abuse in council children’s homes for more than two decades. She said “Council employees who tried to expose staff they suspected of sexual abuse were sidelined and ignored. At the same time, alleged perpetrators were moved or allowed to leave for financial misconduct or other misdemeanors instead of for the abuse. This meant children never received the justice they deserved.”

DCI Driscoll claimed that Scotland Yard began meddling after he named an MP.

27 Mar 13    Attends court at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. More than 25 friends and supporters are in the public gallery. Undercover police who had infiltrated his circle were noticeably absent. With no witnesses against him and no evidence, Brian is sent to prison for one month for alleged ‘Contempt of Court’. His crime was not removing all traces of the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth from the entire internet.

The Judge hearing the case fails to ask Brian if he apologises for his alleged contempt. Brian holds up a copy of the Daily Mirror whose front page from the day before – covers many of the elements of the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth to the Judge who sent him to prison.

Taken to Pentonville Prison over the Easter period. This is another trick used by the authorities: lock someone up when the courts are not sitting during holiday periods so they have to remain in prison until the next available court date.

10 Apr13      Released from Pentonville Prison.

11 Apr 13     Back in the High Court and fined more than £24,000 for having been imprisoned for alleged Contempt of Court.

12 Apr 13     Writes to CCRC again, asking for reasons for the inordinate delay in processing the overturning of his illegal conviction.

14 Apr 13     Dominic Bell – the barrister who failed Brian at the Southwark trial in 2009 – calls and tells him “lf you do not remove the secret tape-recordings you made of me from the internet, then I will tell people you tried to pay £300 for sex with young girls”. Bell makes a series of 4 telephone calls – all of which are recorded. The claims that Bell was making had no basis in fact, of course.

16 July 13     Brian brought a £5 million claim against Lambeth and is in the High Court before Master Basil Yoxall. Yoxall attempts to hear 5 different claims between Brian and Lambeth and Lambeth and Brian, but fails to deal with the lead claim (Brian -v- Lambeth Council).

16 July 13     Lambeth Council attempts to obtain a permanent gagging order for the rest of his life (see also 27 January 2010 when the police attempted to obtain a permanent search warrant on his house).

23 July 13     Re-locates to Norfolk. He assists others in their fights against police and local councils as McKenzie Friend.

01 Aug 13     Arrested by armed police, who claim he is guilty of criminal damage to a car which is trespassing on the land belonging to a pig farmer he is assisting in his case against E.ON, who are attempting to bankrupt him for more than £6,000 despite the fact that the meter number on the bills does not match the number on the meter on the small-holding. The two E.ON workers have no hand-held terminals with them. They are believed to be undercover Police.

Taken to the police station and, at 2am the next morning, police call at his residence. Without a warrant they seize a computer belonging to him which had not been returned by April 2014.

Dragged from his cell to be interviewed at 4.30am and makes a ‘No Comment’ interview after the police claim they have evidence of criminal damage.

17 Aug 13     Moves into Darby Farm in the village of Pott Row in Norfolk. He continues to provide legal information to the pig farmer and his wife.

Aug-Dec 13  Forced to attend various hearings at King’s Lynn Magistrates Court and Norwich Crown Court.

10 Oct 13     Brian (and others) write to the newly formed National Crime Agency. The letters enclose a 76-page dossier on demonstrable police and local authority corruption. Keith Bristow is the self-styled Director-General who claims his remit is to “wipe out corruption“.
He fails to respond to the letter, despite the fact that the Signatories obtained evidence from the Post Office that they were delivered and ‘signed for’.

The letter informs Mr. Bristow of the human rights of the Signatories under Article 3 of the ECHR.

22 Oct 13     A copy of Framed! is sent to Henry Bellingham MP. It tells the full story of Brian’s corrupt trial at Southwark in 2009.

10 Nov 13    Contacts Action Fraud and informs them about

  • Lambeth Council misrepresenting the case at the Employment Tribunal in January and February 2008;
  • misrepresenting the case for alleged Contempt of Court in March 2013;
  • misrepresenting facts in the investigatory meeting in 2007;
  • and misrepresenting facts in the July 2013 hearing in Brian’s £5 million claim against the Council.

The complaint to Action Fraud mentions Master Yoxall of the Royal Courts of Justice in that he claimed he had heard 5 cases involving Brian -v-Lambeth Council on the same day in July 2013 when in fact he had not. Brian taped the proceedings. He is given a Crime Reference Number. Action Fraud does nothing.

20 Nov 13    Master Yoxall issues a directive that Brian’s claim against Lambeth Council is struck out on the grounds that it was ‘ill-founded’. Not only is the claim well-crafted and pertinent, but it also corroborates Alex Passman’s comments that Brian was “being set up by Lambeth” to be dismissed after he had uncovered child abuse in the Council.

29 Nov 13    Having heard nothing from the National Crime Agency with regard to the 76 page report on police and local authority corruption, he writes a reminder letter.

23 Dec 13     Sends a Private Criminal Prosecution to Bexley Magistrates’ Court.
Ms Noone committed demonstrable perjury at Brian’s trial in December 2009 and she dismissed him in June 2008. To date, the Court has failed in its duty to process the prosecution after bona fide information was laid before it.

31 Dec 13     Brian (and others) issue an Official Complaint to HM Government with regard to abuses of their Article 3 rights – not to receive inhuman or degrading treatment. The 7-page letter is ‘signed for’. A citizen’s Article 3 rights cannot be waived under any circumstances. The consequence of a European Government receiving such a letter is that it must act on the information and it must initiate an Official investigation. A failure to acknowledge the Complaint does not invalidate the Complaint.

01 Jan 2014 Sends letters re ARTICLE 3 (and 76-page National Crime Agency document) to:

HM the Queen
The Prime Minister
Theresa May, Home Secretary
Henry Bellingham MP
Alison Saunders DPP
Amanda Kelly,lPCC
Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
Andy Lines, the Mirror
Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian
Amol Rajan, The Independent
James Harding, The Times
Chris Grayling MP / Simon Hughes MP
Damian Green MP – Ministry of Justice
Simon Bailey, Chief Constable, Norfolk

Not a single reply is received

28 Jan 14      Police visits Brian’s residence at 11.25pm. Brian not at home. They don’t tell his landlady why they want to speak with him.

29 Jan 14      Brian’s landlords stopped on way to work by police. Without either a Search Warrant or an Arrest Warrant, Brian is arrested in his bedroom after police force their way in to the house. His landlords are told by the police “We will hound you until we find him.”

In front of witnesses, he is not given any reason for his arrest. He is eventually told that his arrest was because he had been ‘impersonating a barrister.’ Brian is questioned, however, for alleged harassment of his daughter and granddaughter. He is taken to Norwich Crown Court for a hearing. He is not given any travel warrant and has to make his own way back home from Norwich.

06 Feb 14     The manager of the local sorting office informs him that his post has been stopped. Police had allegedly told them to stop the mail.

01 Mar 14    Armed police call at his residence, wanting to leave ‘documents’. The owner of the property refuses to accept the documents.

She writes a letter of complaint to Norfolk Police asking why

(i) armed police trespassed on her property when no  crime had been committed,

(ii) the police are acting as postmen and

(iii) why Brian and her family are being harassed by the police.

01 Mar 14    Postman drives to Brian’s residence. He informs him “There is a notice up in the sorting office telling us to send all letters addressed to you to the sender. Please don’t involve me, though, I’m not supposed to tell anyone”.

02 Mar 14    Brian meets John Gawthorp, a man who had his wooden house burnt down by Fenland District Council. Brian has been assisting him with legal information for 4-5 months.

03 Mar 14    He assists his landlords in their claim against E.ON, who have been overcharging them for 7 years. This is the same E.ON who alleged that Brian damaged their car on 01 August 2013.

04 Mar 14    Brian and Michael Bird visit the Daily Mirror offices in London. Tom Pettifor (who worked with DCI Clive Driscoll in exposing child abuse in Lambeth) is given a copy of From Hillsborough to Lambeth and informs both men that he never received a copy of the book when it was originally sent. Pettifor is told that the book was ‘signed for’.

06 Mar 14    Arrested. Police claim they have ‘a warrant for your arrest’, Brian and witnesses ask to see the warrant. Police claim ‘it is back at the station’. Brian refuses to be arrested. The police forcibly arrest him and remove him to the station.

Around 10pm, Brian is ‘interviewed’ by the police doctor. He takes Brian’s blood pressure, but does not record the result anywhere. Brian is highly suspicious of this man, whose demeanor suggests that he is not a bona fide doctor. Brian mentions police corruption.

Around midnight, he is removed from his cell and taken to see “two doctors”. One fails to show any identity. The other claims she is a ‘mental health assessor’. After a brief ‘chat’ for no more than 10 minutes, he is taken back to his cell.

Around 2am, he is removed from his cell and taken to the local mental health unit, having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act by the two “doctors” and the police ‘doctor’.

07 Mar 14    Brian’s landlords – who have known him on a daily basis for 9 months meet with the ‘doctor’ at the Unit. They inform him that Brian is fully compos mentis, fiercely intelligent and that he has a right – like Baroness Lawrence – to fight for Justice. Brian is released at 9.15pm, but must return ‘for further examination on 10 March.

10 Mar 14    Brian returns. The ‘doctor’ claims he might be ‘delusional’ about police corruption. Brian provides him with several examples of such corruption in relation to his cases. The ‘doctor’ removes the section under the Mental Health Act.

Feb-Mar 14  Police call at his residence on 12 occasions.

The landlord calls the police and asks for the names of all officers who have called at his house, the times and dates and reasons for their calling. He is told that there never have been any visits by the police to his house! At least no log of these visits was ever officially recorded.

11 Mar 14    Forcibly taken to King’s Lynn Magistrates Court to answer charge of impersonating a barrister.

12 Mar 14    Writes to local Mental Health Unit rebutting their claim that he is ‘delusional’ in relation to police corruption and confirms what everybody knows – that he is compos mentis

13 Mar 14    Writes to the manager of Hunstanton Delivery Office re his undelivered mail. More than 7 weeks later, he has not had a reply.

18 Mar 14    Attends Bexleyheath Police Station regarding the alleged harassment of his daughter and granddaughter. Held overnight.

19 Mar 14    Attends the ‘virtual court’. Forced to attend King’s Lynn police station twice a week. Still under house arrest. Must live and sleep each night at bail address.

23 Mar 14    At 10.15am (on a Sunday), PC Powter-Robinson 90L5 from Hunstanton Police calls at Brian’s with PCSO Biggs 8692. They claim they had been called at 10pm last night by the Mental Health Unit to provide a ‘welfare visit’. PC Powter-Robinson said in front of witnesses, “You look fine to me and coherent.”

Landlord asks for some supporting documentation re today’s visit but said each time he calls 101, Norfolk Police tell him no visits to his house have ever been logged.

Brian writes to Henry Bellingham, his local MP. After conducting some research in Hansard, Brian makes himself aware of other Early Day Motions (EDM) that his MP has participated in, either as a Primary Sponsor or Secondary Sponsor. Mr Bellingham has signed many EDMs on behalf of his and other constituents. One leading example was in the matter of Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who shot at burglars in his house in 1999. The records show that Mr. Bellingham was the Primary Sponsor in that EDM on 07 July 2003

23 Mar14     Brian writes: “Given your historical actions in this respect, I am calling for you to organise an Early Day Motion with regard to my cases and thereafter call for a Judge-led public inquiry, as Baroness Lawrence has sought. I demand the same rights as Baroness Lawrence and, indeed, any other UK citizen. I therefore propose that you table the following motion as soon as possible: “That this house expresses its grave concern that the human rights of some of Henry Bellingham’s constituents are being abused on a weekly level; expresses further concern that William Freeman (Brian) was unlawfully imprisoned in the Fermoy Mental Health Unit; expresses further concern that the Government has failed to address an Official Complaint made under the ECHR on 31 December 2013; expresses further concern that Violet Ecclestone, aged 91, is being prevented from living in her own home in the autumn of her life; urges Norfolk County Council and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk to address the housing issue of Violet Ecclestone and allow her to return to her own home; urges the Government to address the Official Complaint; urges the Government to adhere to its legal responsibilities under the European Convention on Human Rights; urges the Government to cease the human rights abuses of William Freeman’s grandchildren, Emily, 15, Lauren, 12 and Joseph Birch, 7; and further urges the Government to instigate a Judge-led public inquiry into  these human rights abuses in accordance with the rights accorded to Baroness Lawrence.”

24 Mar 14    Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

25 Mar 14    Receives two unsolicited calls from the Mental Health Unit. Brian’s landlady calls the Unit and asks why he is being harassed. They claim Brian must receive ‘on-going’ visits. His landlady tells the Unit that Brian is fully compos mentis, that he will fight for justice until the day he dies and that they must not harass Brian or her again and not call at her property again.

26 Mar 14    Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

Receives a letter from the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which claims it has been ‘unable to locate your file’ and that it cannot allocate his case for review ‘for several  more months’ – despite informing him 24  months previously that his case would be examined ‘within 18 months’.

Petitions HM the Queen on behalf of his eldest grandchild, Emily Birch, for the State to cease abusing her rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

31 Mar 14    Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

02 Apr 14     Forced to attend the Inner London Crown Court regarding an alleged breach of a sexual offences prevention order. He is in court for only 3 minutes while the court checks his bail address.

Keeps receiving phone calls from a number he does not recognise. They never leave a voicemail. Brian decides to call it, with a witness present. He tapes the call. The person states that he is from the Mental Health Unit. He gives his name as ‘Dominic Melton’ and says he is related to ‘Alan Melton’ leader of Fenland District Council, whom Brian has been making claims against for arson when they burnt down two houses, claiming they had breached planning consent.

03 Apr 14     Writes to Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition with facts of corruption; he also writes to members of the Home Affairs Select Committee including Emily Thornberry; he copies letter to Baroness Lawrence and Nick Clegg.

Geoffrey Bacon – who had his computer seized by the police and evidence of Brian’s innocence wiped from it – sends private criminal prosecutions to Skegness; Bury St.Edmunds; Cambridge; Spalding Magistrates’ Courts.

04 Apr 14     Forced to go to Norwich Crown Court for alleged breach of a non-existent sexual offences prevention order.

Meets with Henry Bellingham MP.

05 Apr 14     Forced to answer bail at 1pm. Police claim there was a ‘computer glitch’ as he is delayed for 2 hours.

Charged with ‘impersonating a barrister’ – barred from attending Kings Lynn County Court – and sitting in the Public Gallery.

Receives a letter from the Mental Health Unit giving him a ‘complete discharge’.

07 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

09 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

14 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

16 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

17 Apr 14     Having been found guilty in his absence – despite not being informed of a Court date because his post is being interfered with, Brian was sentenced to two 8- week sentences for criminal damage and threatening behaviour, to run concurrently but suspended for 12 months.

Ipswich Magistrates Court refuses to progress the Private Criminal Prosecution against Detective Sergeant Jason Tunn of the Metropolitan Police Service for perjury, perverting the course of public justice, misconduct in public office and a range of other offences.

Geoffrey Bacon, who had his computer seized by Tunn and his hard drive burnt out, laid the information before the Court. The letter from the Court is not on official letter-headed paper.

21 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

22 Apr 14     Brian attends Kings Lynn Magistrates Court re case for impersonating a barrister. He pleads not guilty and demands a Jury. Preliminary Hearing to be heard at Norwich Crown Court on 06 May 2014.

Ed Miliband replies to Brian’s letter re Home Affairs Select Committee Hearing on police corruption.

23 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

28 Apr 14     Forced to attend police station between 1 and 4pm.

14 May 14    Attends Norwich Crown Court on the charge of not informing Essex / Norfolk police of his whereabouts which is due to his being forced to undertake a Sexual Offences Prevention Order – see 27 Jan 10. Despite informing both Southend Police of his new address when he moved from the Essex area and Norfolk Police when he arrived in the Hunstanton area. While at his current address, he had been visited and harassed by the Norfolk constabulary on 12 occasions.

When he asked the judge to postpone the hearing as his agreed legal representation were not able to attend until next week, the judge refused and ordered Brian to defend himself.

He informed the judge that the Norfolk Constabulary had visited him on 12 occasions and that their claim that he didn’t know his whereabouts was ridiculous. Despite this information the judge said he wanted Brian to carry on with the trial. Brian said that this was a joke and the judge had him removed from the court and placed in the cells as he felt Brian was being contemptuous toward the court.

He was later informed (via a hand written message on a plain piece of paper) that the case had gone ahead in his absence and he had been sentenced to three months imprisonment for not informing the Police of his whereabouts and a further two months for Contempt of Court.

NB –                During this current sentence he has been ‘ghosted’ between 8 prisons in 11 weeks as a way of making communication with the outside world nearly impossible. This has also drastically affected Legal / Personal Visits. He has also been unable to access his money (around £400) for much of his sentence due to this process. He has been unable to see any of his legal papers for other court appearances during his sentence which have included impersonating a barrister (for being a McKenzie friend) and harassment of his daughter and granddaughter.

Also, between December 2005 and April 2014, he has sent out more than 1,000 letters to the police, Ministers, courts for disclosure and received less than 40 replies.  In line with Baroness Lawrence and the Hillsborough Justice Group, Brian’s fight for justice continues with a ‘dignified persistence’ like Baroness Lawrence, Brian seeks a judicial review and a Public inquiry.

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  1. April 2015 Brian is again in prison he has no lawyer with court dates being moved he has no idea when his case will be heard he is in Thamesmead prison they have taken away all of his rights he is going through hell

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