Whistleblower Brian Pead

In essence, Brian Pead is

  • the survivor of sexual abuse in Highfield Oval National Children’s Home in Harpenden Hertfordshire, between the age 5 and 12
  • the whistleblower on paedophilia in Lambeth Council which contributed to the foundation of the above children’s home
  • the victim of serious police persecution by the Met, Essex and Norfolk Police.

Here are links to

The essence of his findings as they relate to the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse:

  • Police is involved in the website Faceparty – supposedly to chase adults who are looking for under age sex;
  • foundation stones in the home where he was abused: National Children’s Home Highland Oval in Harpenden Hertfordshire;
  • the names to remember were all from … Lambeth. See the last page of Framed!

One Response to Whistleblower Brian Pead

  1. uknews100 says:

    I hate them! They use their friends in powerful groups, to cover up their crimes against children. FFS, how can they sleep? I detest rapists, so ppl who rape kids are so much more evil, than EVIL! I really can’t understand, or even be “Christian” and forgive them. They deserve death/hell. Nothing less!


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