VIP Research

This WRITE FOR JUSTICE Campaign is the result of most remarkable research into:

  • 15 VIPs suspected to be paedophiles and their positions as patrons of child related organisations.

The researcher Scallywag has published a number of important articles, e.g.:

Scallywag links to another researcher JustitiaEtLux with amazing documents:

  • The Myth of Satanic Abuse paper clipping links to a witness statement of a person in ‘care’: a group of us used to be taken there, a mixture of staff and children, when it was dark after tea. I remember it was some kind of religious thing which basically was a bit weird and used to freak me out.
  •  Jimmy Savile ‘naked in satanic sex club’ – Police are probing claims that disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile was filmed cavorting naked in a satanic sex club – published by the Daily Star in February 2013
  • 50 living politicians under scrutiny:
    • 63 (dead and alive) from the Conservative Party
    • 12 from the Labour Party
    • 4 from the Lib Dems
    • 2 Crossbench
  • This witness statement mentions about ten figures in black cloaks with torch like lights.

The Scallywag Magazine was published in the nineties. One of its contributors was Andrea Davison, a former Intelligence operative whose short statement about know ‘knew’ is published here.

Australian elite abuse survivor Fiona Barnett says “paedophilia is a red herring; it’s really about ritual abuse…”

The Coleman Experience publishes a number of articles about Filthy Britain.