#HMQueen: Moral Corruption and Spiritual Bankruptcy re #CSAInquiry and Political Executive

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA.                                                                                                    14th April 2015



I am writing to you concerning the above because I have now exhausted all other avenues. A recent response received from my MP, Mr Ben Wallace, has shown that he is a liar.  I sought, some time ago, to meet with Mr Wallace but was told by a man in his office that I “would not be allowed to meet with him.”  None of the very serious matters I have raised in various correspondences sent to Mr Wallace have been addressed.

I have enclosed a series of enclosures and this letter should be read in conjunction with them.

One of the concerns I have raised is the trend towards the issue of child sexual abuse being hijacked by individuals who are determined to use it to precipitate social conflict based on narrow political ideology. I have personally spoken with activists who have said to me “this is a class war.”  Others have expressed their determination to use this issue to “bring down the Conservative party and the Monarchy.”  These comments might seem like the verbal rants of a few extremists but I would caution against dismissing them so lightly.

I recently published a series of reports focused on the on-line news agency, Exaro. This agency has been very active in the area of the allegations focused on child sexual abuse. A key director is Mr Timothy Pendry (The nephew of the Labour Peer, Lord Pendry) Mr Timothy Pendry states that his experience has included senior communications advice in some of the most significant takeovers & mergers in British corporate history as well as an advisory role during the Russian Mass Privatisation programme. Since the mid-1990s, he has dealt with reputational issues arising out of private sector collateral damage during the ‘war on terror.’” Clearly Mr Pendry is no fool and cannot be considered to be from the lunatic fringe. On September 10, 2009 at 4:44 pm Mr Pendry wrote the following on an internet blog:

“Unfocused Groupthink (whoever you are) – politics is a cesspit on all sides. We have not had a Revolution since 1688. One is overdue and it should sweep away the whole political class which probably includes 85% of those anonymous persons who regularly comment on Guido Fawkes’ blog and earn their living giving ‘advice’ to ease the paths of special interests to policy or are ambitious for their scribbling to gain the approval of other self-referential scribblers in the dying print media (perhaps not you and many others but these political molluscs infest the damp back garden of our democracy, you cannot deny).”

Mr Pendry is in an influential position and in declaring that a revolution “… is overdue and it should sweep away the whole political class…..” he is declaring his personal agenda. The question I ask is how long will it be before he seeks to use Exaro as a vehicle through which to further his goal of sweeping away the whole political class?

There has also been an attempt to set up “an alternative ‘People’s’ Inquiry” into the issue of child sexual abuse. This move only serves to demonstrate the disillusionment and frustration that people have experienced as a result of the attempts by the political establishment to manipulate, control, and corrupt the establishing of an Inquiry.

I have sought to engage in a dialogue with the Labour MPs who have been campaigning on this issue but they have not responded. I have also sought to open a dialogue with Church of England representatives including The Bishop of Durham and The Archbishop of Canterbury.  The impression I have is that the various motives of these people might be less than altruistic. I think there is a hidden agenda which is political and ideological.  I suspect that the recent intervention by the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, and the recently published Church of England review are tainted by political bias.

I have also had brought to my attention allegations that the BBC is planning to broadcast a Panorama programme after the election which is focused on the activists who have campaigned against child sexual abuse. The programme is being described as “a hatchet job” and is said to be “specifically designed to discredit the campaigners.” There are suggestions that David Cameron and/or people close to him are seeking to promote and influence the programme.  Of greater concern is the suggestion that the idea of fomenting civil disorder in Rotherham, based on the recent report into child sexual abuse there, has been seriously discussed.

The above indicate the manoeuvrings of politically and ideologically motivated dark forces who are determined to subvert not just the Inquiry process but the Democratic process. The fomentation of social unrest and political discord would enable those forces to justify the implementation of a regime which is totalitarian. Totalitarianism is a feature of both extreme Left and Right wing political ideologies.

I have suggested that some of the protocols of the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission be incorporated into the Inquiry. This would, I feel, enable these destructive elements to be neutralised and allow the moderates to prevail.

Some might argue that I am being irrational and sensationalist. My answer to those who say that is this – my judgement is proven as being exceptionally accurate over a long period of time. I know my business and I have a track record to prove it. When I ran my investigation in the 1980’s into political corruption I opened up to public scrutiny allegations of corruption involving national figures from all sides of the political divide. Just some of the successes were:

  1. The destruction of the power base of Mr Owen Oyston. I provided the information that led to his conviction for rape and his investigation for tax fraud.
  1. I provided the information that led to the prosecution of Oyston’s business Associate, the rampant paedophile, Peter Martin.
  1. I provided the information that led to the removal of Derek Hatton from Liverpool Council and the subsequent removal of Militant from affiliation with the Labour Party.
  1. I precipitated the removal of two MPs, one junior government minister and one senior cabinet minister (all Conservative) from government.

The list is extensive but I will not continue further here. The point I am making is that I have earned the right to be heard and I should now be taken seriously.

In his book, When Nations Die, Jim Nelson Black argued that:

“There are many reasons for the decline and fall of a nation, but an important (and often overlooked) reason is its abandonment of religion. Russell Kirk has said that the roots of ‘culture’ come from the ‘cult.’ In other words, culture is based upon some form of religious or spiritual worldview…….  When the traditional beliefs of a nation erode, the nation dies. Religion provides the set of standards that govern a nation. Historian Will Durant said, ‘There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion.’ Unfortunately, this nation has embarked on a journey to maintain a society without a religious code. The Ten Commandments are pulled from the walls, and religious values are stripped from the public square. Christian principles are no longer taught in schools and often ridiculed in the arenas of education and media. One has to wonder what the fate of this country will be in the future.”

When I last wrote to you on December 15th 2012 I stated my key reason for pursuing the issue of corruption in public life. Recently I had reason to speak with a doctor. He was Indian. He said to me “What have you done to your country?” When I asked him what he meant he said “Britain used to be a country we looked up to but now you are just the same as everyone else.”  His lament is one that has been expressed many times.

Britain is a country that has flirted with moral corruption and spiritual bankruptcy and is in danger of being consumed by it. Personally I am of the opinion that, given political leadership which is both honest and rooted in Christian morality, the situation can be reversed.  If this issue of child sexual abuse is confronted and dealt with openly and honestly then this country will be the stronger for having had the courage to face it. The impediment to securing this objective lies in the endemic corruption of the political, social and economic elite. Our fate as a nation rests firmly in our own hands. If this society shies away from the task of exorcising this corruption from its midst’s then it will collapse.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant.


4 Responses to #HMQueen: Moral Corruption and Spiritual Bankruptcy re #CSAInquiry and Political Executive

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m afraid your letter to the Queen will fall on deaf ears as she is the leader of the whole child abuse ring in the UK. She kidnaps children for her depraved satanic rituals.


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