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This email was sent to all 508 MPs who had not yet signed up in support of the National Inquiry:

This is the letter that the Home Office sent in response on 25 July: everything is hunky dory… Trust us!… [How can we???]

For there is a lot of evidence that we do want to see investigated. In chronological order:

1. The Portfolio of Nine Cases that we presented to the Education Select Committee when it was investigating ‘threshold criteria’ for ‘child protection’.

2. Related Political Petitions – addressed

3. The experiences of Brian Pead as

4. A few milestones on his journey since blowing the whistle:

  • his unlawful suspension from his job as Headmaster of the  OLCVS, the Old Library Centre Virtual School, later named Open Learning Centre for Vocational Studies, in December 2006
  • two unlawful criminal trials
  • six civil trials in less than a year
  • imprisonment in the maximum security prison Belmarsh for seven weeks
  • his currently third unlawful imprisonment where he has been moved between 6 prisons in 8 weeks
  • the banning of his book From Hillsborough to Lambeth in 2012 – as described in the 9 minute video below; the book is also available as pdf file, as the website may not display the pages
  • he is currently in HMP Thameside as Prisoner no. A9705DE – if you want to use Email a Prisoner to send him a message at 30p – but £5 are needed to start.

5. individual victims whom we have assisted as McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors or ‘paralegals’):

  • Vicky Haigh – the first woman and Council (Doncaster) named by John Hemming MP in Parliament
  • the Nigerian Musa family – acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases – with seven children taken by Haringey Council and the parents imprisoned for seven years
  • Phil Thompson whose 3 greatgrandchildren were adopted by Walsall Council with all paperwork lost
  • Melissa Laird – the American mother whose boy was kept for adoption by Barnet Council after she was deported and denied her right to an oral hearing
  • the Portuguese Pedro family – with five children taken by Lincolnshire Council and the parents arrested after they were in Brussels to support the petition to the EU Parliament to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent
  • the Lithuanian boy who needs protection from his father’s red banana; the father has managed to persuade HHJ Million to hand the boy over to him because Brent Council failed to carry out medical and criminal checks on the father and ignore a judgement of the Lithuanian Supreme Court
  • Latvian Laila Brice whose daughter was taken by Merton Council
  • Len Lawrence – the poisoned air pilot whose house was stolen by the Court of Protection and who discovered how that court, as part of the Family Courts Division, is used to steal children as well as assets.

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  6. Rob Horgan says:


    I’m a journalist at the Olive Press (in Spain), I received your letter today titled ‘Hamstead & Highate Child Abuse Happening Now’.

    I just wondered if you could explain what you would like us to do with the story? The allegations are obviously very serious but as we are an expat paper in Spain I’m not sure what the link is? Is there a Spanish/ expat link at all?

    Email me at rob@theolivepress.es and we can talk further.

    Look forward to your response,

    Rob Horgan
    The Olive Press


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