CIA Supply “elite” (illite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named)

cathy fox blog on child abuse

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou candidly tells how the CIA work and how they supply children for paedophiles (pedofiles).

The CIA are part of the problem not part of the solution to child sexual abuse. This goes for MI5 and MI6 in the UK as well as other countries unaccountable secret services. We don’t even know who they really work for and no one in there knows either. They have many links to Gladio B terrorism and are the ultimate in organised crime -including  drug running, gun running, child sexual abuse, organ harvesting etc etc

I also wrote about John Kiriakou’s whistleblowing in this article 2015 apr 13 cathy fox blog John Kiriakou on US Prison Paedophiles  [1]

Whilst I am writing about child sexual abuse in the US this link from NeonNettle exposes the names that are supposed to be Corey Feldmans abusers, which he disguised in his book.  see…

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