Two articles on “Ritual Abuse” by Richard Scorer

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This blog has always tackled cases alleging ritual sexual abuse, see ritual abuse category [14] This has included in UK, several court appeals and newspaper articles on Broxtowe and Esther W’s book about the Orkney abuse [14]

Whilst ritual abuse undoubtedly exists, equally it must be acknowledged some alleged cases prove not to be so.  A few hours of research does not mean a definitive answer but claims of Rochdale 1990 being of satanic abuse appear to be misplaced. The more information out in the public arena, the better (an area IICSA is conspicuously failing on).

My thanks to Richard Scorer allowing me to publish these two articles authored by him.   The first is relevant to what is known as the Rochdale “satanic abuse” case of 1990.

To put that in context, I will describe some background.

Wikipedia states

“In 1990 there was a case in Rochdale which around twenty…

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