‘Conspiracy of Toddlers’ against Child Sexual Abuse #CSA #SRA Trauma Based Mind Control #TBMC @UKHomeOffice

17 05 11 CSA ScotlandThe Fresh Start Foundation, led by Andy Peacher invites to a new start – the reason, explained by David Scott from UK Column Scotland is, that all initiatives to protect babies and toddlers have failed so far.

As speakers for this unique event at the Station Hotel in Perth were invited
– Vicky Ash
– Sandy Smith
– Robert Green
– Shirley P. Cooper
– Janine Rennie
– Wilfred Wong
– Len Lawrence
– Andrea Sadegh
who have informed a whole day about the full spectrum of extreme abuse.

Vicky Ash has given a great speech as a survivor of SRA [Satanic Ritual Abuse] as well as a holistic therapist, based in Manchester, handing out her “prescription” for healing: truth and faith.

Shirley P. Cooper, also a British survivor from the Caribbean, has pointed out, besides numerous details of SRA programming and torture, how each group involved is protecting themselves: Therefore, it was not allowed to talk about the abuse of black men – just about abuse of white men.

Sandy Smith as a Scottish survivor impressively told his story and urged to resist the abuse and torture of toddlers and children.

Robert Green reported on Hollie Greig and why he had to go to jail for his exposure about the case: children with down syndrome like Hollie cannot lie, and this brave girl recognized too many perpetrators. If this case is cleared, the Scottish Parliament would be suspended – he was told several times.

Janine Rennie reported on the struggle for survivors and victims, which affects every institution and is fighting with her clients in Scotland for justice also in the legal sense.

Len Lawrence talked about the initiatives of military veterans against “child soldiers”, as he also emphasized that never before so many HM military officers would have been convicted, as over the past years.

In addition to Andrea Sadegh, who talked about the symptoms of toddlers and children on SRA and trauma-based mind control/MK Ultra, Wilfred Wong, a British activist and barrister, also devoted himself to this topic, He speaks cynically of a “conspiracy of toddlers”, a conspiracy of small children who invent all these horror stories to damage the reputation of the elite and points to the perverted situation in the entire Western world, where the stories of the little ones, mostly shown within flashbacks, are ignored from an official administrative apparatus to criminalize or pathologize protective parents. He also warns insistently about the exponential increase of SRA cases.

More about the Fresh Start Foundation and the event here:



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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