Police Whistleblowers bullied, harrassed and retired: #paedophiles #childprostitution #children in care @UKHomeOffice @MetPoliceUK

17 04 22 Police WhistleblowerFrom an email to Len Lawrence:

The care system is a paedophile’s playground.

This is not conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy reality.

So many coppers are committing suicide!

Minister Mike Penney MP was shocked and stunned.

In joint international investigations into child abuse, when international co-operation between national police forces is imperative, you must surely have had cause, at times, to wonder why British police do not co-operate as they should. Indeed, with Project Spade, British police, at the very least, did not do what was expected of them.

Most likely, what really happened was sabotage from the the top down.

You should be aware that the IPCC is not much more than a police fraternity, which does little more than protect police from punitive action.

There is so much political interference into investigations in the UK, that honest Chief Constable, Mike Veale, has been forced to publicly defend the fact that he is investigating the late Prime Minister, Edward Heath, for allegations of child abuse and murder.

He should be left to do his job, and not be subjected to pressure from politicians seeking to maintain the status quo of high level child sexual abuse rings.

It is simply not acceptable that any police officer should be forced to defend himself for doing his job, and fight to defend his right to independence from politicians. The public is 100% behind him. There should be more like him.

As it stands, we believe most police are simply used as tools by local governments and corporations to enrich their wealth and cover up wrongdoings. Many whistleblowers have had the tables turned on them and are imprisoned on fraudulent charges, such as the cases of Peter Hofschroer and Melanie Shaw. Melanie Shaw, a child abuse survivor, has been kept in solitary confinement for approximately 13 months at Derbyshire’s Foston Hall Prison for exposing CSA and murder by VIPs. Peter Hofschroer spoke out about North Yorkshire Police, and had fraudulent ‘evidence’ of child pornography planted on his computer. He is currently completing a fraudulent two year sentence, after which he may be extradited to Austria due to corrupt links between police in North Yorkshire, Austria, and Germany. In addition, these connections involved judiciary.

Yes, pressure from the British Establishment is so great that it is obvious that the Establishment itself is running a  crime organisation embedded in every British public entity, busily committing crimes, including complex white collar crimes, from the inside.

Paedophile, third rate entertainer, necrophiliac, and friend of the Royal Family, Jimmy Savile, not only spent 11 consecutive Christmases at the country home of the late Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, but he was knighted by the Queen and actually sent to Israel on an ambassadorial mission!

How cozy is that?

Savile was fully protected by police and politicians for over 40 years – North Yorkshire Police being foremost of these. Indeed, North Yorkshire Police corruption has been brought before Home Secretary, and now Prime Minister, Theresa May, in connection with their corrupt, internationally-linked, activities waged against an elderly invalid, 87 year old Barbara Hofschroer and her loving son, Peter, to no avail. The case has been highlighted several times in parliament, and ignored by Theresa May – the same Theresa May who purports to be concerned about child abuse.

Someone, presumably Minister of Health at the time, Kenneth Clarke, gave Savile a master key to Broadmoor – a high security mental hospital. Savile had his own room there, and was able to access patients and the mortuary for his own sexual gratification.Think of that! A clown given the master key to Broadmoor, to use as he pleased! Nobody could make this up.

I have personally made a statement to Operation Yewtree regarding my firsthand knowledge of Jimmy Savile’s abuses. I also spoke with a representative from the Smith Inquiry. I was left feeling that nothing would be done in both instances.

The mockery of a public inquiry into historical sexual abuse of children has had several false starts, and I doubt that one person believes the outcome will be truthful, so accustomed is everyone to the great British tradition of cover-ups and concealing evidence.

Retired police officers are now coming forward to tell their own stories of how vice and crimes against children are covered up. Britain is known as the Organized Crime Capital of Europe. The following is one of the reasons.

Will you please take the time to listen to this audio link, even if you do nothing else. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I do hope it will enable you to see beyond the British smokescreen, and crack more international child abuse rings, with or without British co-operation. Operation Spade was a particularly wonderful achievement by Toronto Police, no thanks to the UK. Again, Toronto gets the job done!

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