Tory Politicians Defend Their Friends In Parliament Over Child Abuse Allegations

Researching Reform

It seems almost impossible today to witness a broadly intelligent, balanced and considered discussion in Parliament, so when we saw a debate looking at ways to address police mistakes over the handling of certain child sex abuse allegations, we decided not to hold out breath.

Good thing we didn’t.

The debate, hosted by Conservative MP for Aldershot, Gerald Howarth looks at Operation Midland and the Henriques Report.

Operation Midland was set up to look at allegations of child sexual abuse within what was called a VIP paedophile ring, believed to be based in London’s Dolphin Square. The main complainant was a man known to the media as Nick. His testimony was later set aside and doubts were raised over whether his allegations were sound. Police conduct during the investigation was also questioned and a review of the Operation followed. That review, The Henriques Report, set out several concerns relating to the weight…

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