Which Side are you on: #Police? #Victims? #Whistleblowers? Perpetrators? Cover-Ups? Stitch-Ups? @IICSA_media @MetPoliceUK

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VIP sex abuse inquiry will deter victims, police fear

This Times article echoes my experience as a hounded whistleblower: after having been on Police Bail since 04 August 2015, despite having been acquitted with “No Case to Answer”, I alerted all members of the Home Affairs and the Petitions Committee:

But even though Theresa May had announced a 28-day limit in December 2014, Ministers got the College of Policing to respond via the BBC:

It took me some time to come to the realisation and collect the evidence that Police repeat in the UK what was established in New South Wales in Australia in 1997: Police is the source and ‘management’ of

The recent article in The Times echoes ‘institutional side taking’ of abusers rather than victims.

“We are so punitive”, Baroness Kennedy QC said at a recent event about Women in Prison questioning whether the justice system is ‘fit for purpose’.

Why so punitive? Is it the culture of elite boarding schools?

Chosen is a film that won a BAFTA award for its three stories of adult men coping with their memories and attempts of getting heard – as boys by parents and teachers – as adults by judges…

In the Times article, Sir Richard Henriques reviews Scotland Yard’s into a VIP paedophile ring and confirms the culture of secrecy and cover-ups that leads to the stitch-ups of whistleblowers. I am FAR from alone!

But: I am also told that there are many who did NOT join the force to protect child abuse and child abusers!

The article says:

“Some of these recommendations call for a fundamentally different approach and may reach beyond the investigation of non-recent child sexual abuse, with implications for the recording and investigation of all crimes reported to the police.”

I do concur from personal experience!!!

A comment says:

If the police stamped out the endemic cover up culture, which stops them learning from their mistakes, the public, victims and others would have much more trust.  A start, would be a change of culture at the IPCC, which condones this lack of integrity.



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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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One Response to Which Side are you on: #Police? #Victims? #Whistleblowers? Perpetrators? Cover-Ups? Stitch-Ups? @IICSA_media @MetPoliceUK

  1. truth1 says:

    Certainly the elite boarding schools must have some effect or they would not still be used. And Satan is no dummy. Wherever he is, you will find police and wherever you find police, he will not be far behind. And we can add militaries to that, for Global enforcement, of course. I also note that the political exposure of “Spirit Cooking” is not upsetting that many, really. Most are not aware of the implications. and of course, the denials were quick to be made. Always denials. But why do so many accept those? The UK has a well established rep for being the number 1 police state of the west. I can find nothing to contradict it!

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