From Surviving Abuse to Mandate Now: Make Reporting Sexual Abuse Mandatory! @IICSA_Media @CabinetOfficeUK

Just in case you still need convincing that abuse happens in private schools, watch the above video about Caldicott School.

These survivors became starfighters, campaigners and trend setters, helping to make the Unbelievable Believable:

  • Mandate Now is a pressure group that seeks the introduction of law requiring all staff who work in ‘Regulated Activities’ to report concerns about the welfare of a child, to the Local Authority.
  • But how can that work when the Local Authority is part of the problem rather than the solution – just as the Police is far from being the solution!?…

Further mainstream media articles are:

and her 20 seconds on the Abuse Inquiry in February 2015:


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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2 Responses to From Surviving Abuse to Mandate Now: Make Reporting Sexual Abuse Mandatory! @IICSA_Media @CabinetOfficeUK

  1. truth1 says:

    Thought I would post some FYI info that I posted to James a day or two back. Enjoy everyone!

    Alfred Webre On Max Spiers, Exopolitics, Elite Paedophilia, Geo-Engineering & More.

    The Richie Allen Show

    At 38:38 Expert Jay Parker a survivor of multi-generational Satanic Ritual Abuse family, said:
    In the USA alone, there are 34 million survivors of multi-generational Satanic Ritual Abuse families. And it’s this 34 million individuals that are helping keep the world in turmoil.

    The US since its inception, has, in a very real sense, has been a Satanic Luciferic nation based on Trauma-based Mind Control. I can verify that somewhat because skull and bones which is the principle secret society in my matter, Yale University (Webre’s Alma matter). I was in Torch and Talon. He describes it as more of a male support group and that there was no black magic or anything like that.

    Skull and Bone was founded at Yale, not in 1832 as the official bio says, but it was founded as the 2nd Chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 and the Bavarian chapter was founded in 1775 says Webre. I think it quite likely. The Declaration of Independence was found in 1776 and the 2nd Chapter of (USA Chapter) was founded in that very same year. They took over the Revolution in order to make sure the new nation was Satanic and Luciferic, which it is. And that is why you have 34 million individuals in the US . . .
    Richie had Jay Parker on his show last year and he was very interesting. We had him on for an hour.
    Richie changes the subject to the Moon mission landings at 42:00.
    Pure nonsense after that point. “Entering the Golden Age.”
    Richie: Webre is Right 65-75% of the time.
    Truth 1: he is wrong or playing us 25-35% of the time.
    Webre’s site:

    The figures for the US, though not how those figures were exactly and precisely calculated, indicate the overwhelming odd we face. If there are 34 million “programmed” people out there, ready to serve government and Satan, and many others in the US, who in one way or another are also part of the “network,” such as the medical profession, Law profession, many government departments and agencies, wealthy coorporation with all their controls on how things are run and who is hired or fired, religious leaders and their blind follower, and many employees who are not concerned about anything but keeping jobs and selling out for 30 pieces of silver.

    I would say that at least 75% of our nation is totally controlled and I am probably being conservative in that number. I could go as high as 90 or 95 %. It is a humbling thing to consider.

    My best wishes as always, to all who truly bear goodwill to others.


  2. truth1 says:

    I got 8:18 of the link in this post. I bookmarked it on the youtube location So I could save the info and direct link, too. It struck me that this going to a boarding school is also a multi-generational experienced and inheritance. don’t know if it was a comment on the youtube location or in the video but noted the undeserved shame some have or were left with. One commenter had a great summation about it, saying that no child could be held to blame for feeling vulnerable and reluctantly going along with “it.”

    I do note that someone mentioned that they were all eager people pleasers, parents and children alike. It is my opinion as a American who does not give a damn about what anyone thinks, and we do have our pressures to comply and go along with things, but its no where to the degree that is appears to be in the UK. to be honesty, I am damn grateful to all the feisty brave souls who sacrificed to come to the undeveloped unsettle new continent and settle. Pilgrims lost 50% of their people that first winter, Jamestown nearly failed but for a day or two grace. The early days did not have the amenities and luxuries the old world had but the new world did offer fare more in freedom and opportunity. And they were all a feisty lot as a result, Rugged, self-reliant yet very devoted to their own neighbors. For whatever the reason, mostly my father I would say, I grew up unafraid of what others might think.

    In retrospect, my father was oblivious to what he did to himself by not being more conscious of how others saw him, but perhaps that was of benefit to me as I was able to have more concern for how I was perceived but more into adulthood than school years. All of Europe seems very obedient from over here in the US. We might be a bit much but I think Europe very much lacking a certain “disrespect”” for authority. not blind or unconstructive disrespect, but one based on lies and deceit fed to them as ours do to us. I believe, in seeing all this play out, there I was fortunate to inherit the legacy that I did. It is important for me now, I as take on the monsters of the world in thoughts and ideas, the only weapons the bible allows the use of.

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