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Beatrix Campbell found adoption and foster leaflets of a local council, when she made Listen to the Children for Channel IV in 1990 – investigating satanic crimes and ritual abuse.

On 12 Sept 2016 she wrote in The Guardian: The scale of historical sexual abuse in the UK is a catastrophe. We need catharsis.

But what about current events and future protection? That was Dame Goddard’s recommendation to the Home Affairs Committee, after she resigned.

Fortunately, Prof Alexis Jay put this statement together ensuring the investigation of past and present failings!

Following our letter to the Prime Minister, the Home, Justice, Culture and Education Secretaries regarding the Inquiry, Buckingham Palace confirmed that I had done the right thing: write to the PM. 

Next, we will be adding these three pages for the PM’s consideration, the Inquiry Chair and the cabinet women who unite to fight child abuse:


to Stop ‘Police-Protected Paedophilia’

A Dossier of Hard Evidence from Online Whistleblower Sabine McNeill [IICSA No 0045]

Our requests for reconsidering certain principles of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA] are our passionate appeal to the Prime Minister. She said on 04.02.2015 in the House:

  • “I am now more determined than ever to expose the people behind these despicable crimes; the people and institutions that knew about the abuse but did not act and that failed to help when it was their duty—sometimes their very purpose—to do so; and the people and institutions that, in some cases, positively covered up evidence of abuse.”

We also appeal to the cabinet women mentioned in The Times:

Our appeal to cover current and future Child Protection picks up on Dame Goddard’s recommendation in her written evidence submitted to the Home Affairs Committee:

1,216 children were taken into care in September 2016: the highest level of care applications ever. Why?

Is it still policy, as former MP John Hemming says? Why are there adoption targets, as in this article?

As McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors and public interest advocates) we have dealt with hundreds of cases between us. Hence we are making the following requests:

  1. Abolish the Duty to Report to the Police
  1. Limit Police Bail to 28 Days – as announced by Theresa May on 18 Dec 2014
  2. Expand Rights of Audience for Giving Evidence to the Truth Project

Our appeal includes issues that are currently not being covered by the Inquiry:

These experiences lead to the conclusion of ‘Police-Protected’ if not State-Sponsored Paedophilia.

  1. Abolish the Secrecy of Family Courts that Legitimises the Removal of Children by Police
    • Harriet Harman MP said already in 2006 that 200 parents a year are secretly being imprisoned:
    • Whilst in exile, I filed an Application to Set Aside an Important Penal Notice, threatening with imprisonment in a secret family court. The High Court insisted on my personal presence, but has not given me a hearing, since I returned for an appeal hearing in August 2015.
    • Using the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to cover-up Criminal Activities is another amendment to our petition to the EU Parliament.
  1. Hear our Petitions: From Children Placed in Foster Care to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent


Thanks to Jimmy Savile and adult Abuse Survivors historic child sexual abuse has become ‘topical’.

The extreme and unusual nature of my persecution, the underlying case and the related systemic issues deserve to be heard in the context of Dame Goddard’s recommendation.

Sabine K McNeill

Software Designer and former Systems Analyst at CERN, Geneva
Independent web publisher since 2004


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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One Response to Appealing to Current and Future Child Protection @IICSA_media @cabinetofficeUK @theresa_may

  1. truth1 says:

    You’ll have to forgive me as my attitude has been affected by the absurdity of US pres. Campaigners. I have never seen such a farce. And People will fall for it.

    I keep hearing the UK gov saying they got to do something, but they never do anything. You know, when I caught the Papa Kills Babies video back in Feb 2015, I ran to the site that hosted it and watched all the others, too. I could not believe that they had totally exposed an entire world wide network of procuring babies in various ways for sacrifice as all of them were imported into the UK. You could have knocked me over with a feather and propelled me several blocks with that one. What is more, I knew immediately that this meant it was going on in other nations and among the wealthy and elite. Yet not once have I ever seen mention of all this before these two kids. I knew how momentous this was. It was right out of this world for its importance. It topped anything else going on.

    To this day, I remain persuaded that this, what appears to be an anomaly, was being fully observed by God and likely took place due to His will. A challenge tween God And Satan. How it all turns out, I am not sure. I have some hunches but nothing certain. But I do believe that God must have a plan in all this. I pray this is the case. But if not, I will boldly declare that government will never do anything about the horrific abuse of children and adults caught up in the web or Mind Control Horror and The horror of Satan worship that has obviously taken over the entire world. either God does something or nothing will ever be done. I have zero faith in mankind.

    Look at the mess world manipulators have made of the Hampstead supporters. It was sown with numerous shills and tricks and they are not done yet. And just how many shills there are is not certain yet. But I have a gut feeling that God will make a distinction between the wackos and Himself. He does not shares His glory with anyone or any other religious beliefs. As He says, He is a jealous God. But my heart and prayers go out to 2 children who tried so hard to do the right thing and get some relief. Surely my God in heaven can not ignore what those children revealed to me and to all. Surely there must be some compensation for them. And this for all the rest of the vast number of victims of Mind Control Extreme (My new name for this). I would beg that Jehovah the creator of all, might help the message of what is going on in secret, get preached from the roof tops of all the houses and fill the earth.

    Otherwise, it shall never happen. There is no hope in people who say they care about the kids and then blot out their faces, the most important part of their testimony and presentation and fight for their case to be heard. May God not miss this deed!

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