Angelic Defenders, Demonic Abusers & Satanic Ritual Abuse in The Dirty Squad #whistleblowers @RT @MetPoliceUK

The above 8-min video describes US Kerth Barker’s memory as a 9-year old of a ‘Luciferian’ event.

Since then he wrote:

These titles indicate the full spectrum of the reality of Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes.

16-10-09-dirty-squadIn the UK, Michael Hames wrote in 2000 about Investigating Ritual Abuse in his book The Dirty Squad – The Inside Story of the Obscene Publications Branch by its former head.

Pages 172 – 185 describe the 50/50 culture of believers and disbelievers in the Police, and the resulting problems regarding the management, health and investigations of officers:

“There was talk of human sacrifice, torture, the forceful administration of drugs, the eating of human flesh and faeces, the drinking of blood and urine.

Some allegedly verbatim witness statements and victim accounts began to appear and these were held up by certain factions as proof of the widespread practice of ritual satanic abuse.

People who are not beginners in these at first un-believable reports, might want to read what Canadian Kevin Annett wrote:

A “how to” guide for anyone who goes up against wrong doing.

A practical aid for real and potential whistle blowers, it teaches the reader how to navigate and survive attacks and smear campaigns by powerful adversaries, while surfacing the truth about their crimes.

Unfortunately, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse doesn’t realise that Police are part of the problem rather than the solution. They publish that they have a duty to pass on all allegations of child abuse to the police. But I am working on making them aware…


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to Angelic Defenders, Demonic Abusers & Satanic Ritual Abuse in The Dirty Squad #whistleblowers @RT @MetPoliceUK

  1. truth1 says:

    This all looks juicy! My sound has been disable on my computer and I got to get it fixed tomorrow, but when its back, I’ll be back, too, to hear it all. I Laugh at how nay-sayers declare that there is no evidence. There’s tons of evidence, including testimony of many victims from all over the world, since the 80s on to present. Dishonesty is everywhere. That, too, it evidence . . . of a cover up. When obvious evidence surfaces time and again, and elicits the same response from the same liars, they they are no longer evidence driven, they are agenda driven. There is a big difference between following evidence (an objective pursuit, and following an agenda (a biased pursuit that indicate a united organized group with a goal and purpose that ignores objective evidence).

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  2. truth1 says:

    I would urge extreme caution with the works of Kerth Barker. I have come across him before on Hampstead Research. Read the one critical view on Amazon-US as well. He relates many things that are corroborated by other works and authors, But sadly, he also relates things that do no match up at all with many credible authentic victims of horrific mind control programming known well under the label MK-ULTRA run by the CIA. To read his account, it is no ordeal at all. Its the worst ordeal any human being could ever go through. This alone causes me to doubt far too much. As well, there is a lot of missing detail that should have been present if he had experience 1 tenth of what he says happened.

    To best show what I am talking about, I would recommend Kathleen Sullivan, who was a programmed assassin for the CIA. Her account is horrific. The book can be had for $20 used. There is endless rape, satanic rituals, morbid horror, drugs, hypnosis, electroshock and macabre killing and the many tricks played on her.

    Perhaps even better but more expensive, is Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories” at $50 used. Its bigger and more info and even more hideous in many ways. High level government intrigue, Hollywood intrigue and what goes on in secret.

    In both books, you would see lots of detail that should have also been experienced by Kerth and was not related, if it even happened. MKULTRA is ultra horrible for any child to have to go thru. When you have read an authentic source, the fakes stand out. I also strongly recommend 2 books by Fritz Spingmeier on Illuminati Mind Control. He was my “first time.”

    On the other hand, I have no doubt about Kerth suggesting Satan’s mass sacrifice in war. Satan hates all human beings. And he is very cruel. I would go this far and suggest that our wars, horrific as they were, might not have been the first and foremost reason for those wars and the extreme build-up of the militaries of the nations. It may have been the primary intention to use the armies to subdue the citizens of their own respective nations.

    But as well, Satan has a real grudge against Christianity and no other religion besides them. After all, all pagan religions were invented by Satan. New Age religion, according to Mark Passio, a former Satanic priest, appointed directly by Anton Levey, was promoted by Satanists in behalf of Satan. Any religion opposed to God, is approved by Satan. And that Christianity is the only hated enemy says a lot about the reality of God as well. Most of what is going on now politically and militarily, has the aim of introducing a false messiah, a fake returned Jesus, but though Jesus in name, he will “speak like a dragon (Satan).” He will promote evil.

    Kerth described many accurate things. but with so many questionable things as well, I would not recommend him. For really cheap, yet high quality material, I wold recommend Daniel Ryder’s “Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse” available on Amazon US for 1 penny and $4 shipping. “Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century” is also excellent, written mostly by therapists who treat mind control victims. Its on Amazon US for $10 Kindle version or $75 book version. I got it for about $45 1.5 years ago. Its more expensive now.

    But Springmeier’s 2 books are on the net to read for free at
    Once you have read the real thing, the fake ones stand out like sore thumbs. Sabine, you had a book by Laurie Mathews that was very good, but it seemed more like a sex cult than say, a mind control cults. But how that girl and her sister were used is repulsive and horrific, although still quite tame compared to MK-ULTRA programming, for which there is nothing worse.

    But to any visitors of this blog, I do not think there is anything in the world more important that getting to know about this mind control stuff and how it is used to manipulate and destroy the world thru controlled victims. It is the thread that runs thru all horror today.


    • Wow, once again, dear Truth1!!!

      Nobody can know everything. And who would have known that people could be attracted to ‘faking it’!?…

      The Maranatha report quotes five convictions which were all very different.

      But the mind control goes back to the Tavistock Institute round the corner from me in London… Dr John Coleman wrote that book extremely well over ten years ago…


      • truth1 says:

        Well, when it comes to Mind control, there are not a variety of ways it can be done. You could opt for just hypnosis or just torture or just sensory deprivation but real MKULTRA stuff is hard core and very consistent. One mistake and you can blow the programming. It can be fixed but with a lot of work and sometimes it leaks years later. As I said, knowing victims and their long detailed accounts is good evidence that they are authentic. But when one is missing so much in detail no one would skip, one is felt naturally wondering and doubting.

        I have been reviewing the Elizabeth Smart case. Many psych9ologists have noted that Liz has never gone thru emotions and things that should not be missing. they predicted that these would show up, but they never have. I will be producing lots of evidence to indicate that the real Elizabeth never returned and she was replaced by a substitute. Her brother once remarked that she was not his sister to a reporter. She cold not play the harp for the press and the family made excuses and quickly got her some Harp lessons. Its goes on and on.

        As for Mind control, it was a German product brought over thru operation paperclip and Mengela was brought over even before the war was over and Mueller also was brought over after. and many others, too. Tavistock no doubt received much from these sources as well.

        But rather than having little in common, most MK victims have most things in common. But if any would like to dispute, who lurk out there, I only has they be as well read as I. Its hard to evaluate what is not known.

        But as we both now, deception is the primary weapon of all governments and deception is the key ingredient that MK victims enable and preserve, along with secrecy. The only defense against deception is as much information as can be gathered and analyzed. I’d love to cross-examine Kerth. It would be interesting. But I left no one without ways to learn more. The books refer to are excellent and some even affordable although with these sorts of subjects, Prices often run high to prevent most from buying and reading and learning. May be John Coleman could offer an opinion as well, “In a multitude of counselors there is wisdom,” says the proverb. Mr. Coleman would be very helpful, I am sure.

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      • truth1 says:

        Twas a good link, too. Have been there before. As she mentions, “they” have infiltrated everything. and the liars outnumber the good, many to one. And it also means that religion is corrupted and so are all the social and political networks and enforcement. And in those who crusade against SRA and MK, will also encounter as much deception as truth. that means we can note take anything at face value. We have to be ever ready to question anything.

        Yeah, its a nuisance, but it can be done and there is even a thrill to exposing lies deigned to fool and deceive. No one said it was going to b easy down here on earth. but long into the future, we will look back and appreciate these lessons that God foresaw long before they happened. We have to learn thru experience for now, in order to gain foresight for later.


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