@MoJGovUK Police investigating child abuse? Most sex abuse cases go ‘unsolved’ as police fail to investigate!

Lambeth abuse enquiryMost sex abuse cases go ‘unsolved’ as police fail to investigate – that’s what a High Court judge said to The Telegraph in January 2016.

A year ago, in July 2015, The Guardian published:

The monarchy, government, politicians, church leaders, schools, hospitals and the media would all be examined, she said. Insurance companies which deny victims the truth to prevent compensation payouts, and internet providers who fail to tackle online abuse, will also be investigated.

All allegations of child abuse will be passed to the police, via the overarching operation, known as Hydrant, which is coordinating more than 660 investigations across the country, including 261 into prominent individuals.

Liz Davies, a social worker who exposed the Islington child abuse scandal in London, said she was disappointed at the lack of a separate dedicated criminal investigation running parallel with the inquiry and by the lack of investigative skills on the inquiry.

“Where are the retired police officers, where are the investigators to look at the organised element of this child abuse. I fear the perpetrators will be laughing today,” said Davies.

This year, the Guardian publishes:

It is examining five key areas of state and non-state institutions, people of public prominence, education and religion of all faiths, police and prosecuting services, local authorities and voluntary organisations, national and private organisations including the NHS, internet providers and insurance firms.

For the moment, the IICSA still write on their website

“We are required to pass on any information about child abuse to the police.”

Since I’ve won over Barnet Police who took me court over a clear attempt to stitch me up on the back of a ‘protestor’, I informed the IICSA that I don’t consider the Police safe for a number of reasons which I also spelled out in our latest update to the EU petition.

Deep sighs and high hopes as ever. But I’m definitely suffering from another version of ‘too muchness’…

Hoping you can keep your spirit up,



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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One Response to @MoJGovUK Police investigating child abuse? Most sex abuse cases go ‘unsolved’ as police fail to investigate!

  1. truth1 says:

    I am 57 and I have seen and heard it all. I don’t believe in anything or trust anything, except God. Its all talk. I know inversion process will continue as promised and turn everyone into a satanist. The few who resist will spend 3.5 years in camps or prisons. Caring, when the entire system not only does not care, but ruthlessly pursues small children, is a tough order that only a few take up. I was a kid for a number of years. I remember how indifferent adults were to kids. Adults used to love to cheat us in stores or mom and pop stores that catered a lot to kids. I remain ever the skeptic and cynic. I have a very dark outlook because I was born to parents who had not allies or place where they belonged. Must churches at the time offered some support, in exchange for obedience and loyalty and money. but my parents were isolationist. I am not faulting it. they fell narrative that they had freedom and rights, but they had nothing of the sort. So they were without allies or protection and so were my brother and myself. You learn quick, when you don’t fit in anywhere. You will go no where. No one will help you or look out for you. this is what many go thru. When a Jehovah’s witness for near to 10 years, I saw the good ole boy system where parents sided against their kids and in support of “Elders,” who in turn supported the governing body in Brooklyn NY. I think most of the adult world see kids as the enemy to be fought and kept down. Adults cover for each other. That’s that game and the system. So I will continue to harass those in power for as long as I can. Sabine, you might consider writing about USA abuses of kids since you do not belong to that country and can not be prosecuted by them for doing so, unless the UK has laws I do not know about. Me, I’ll go at anyone or anything I can get my hands on.
    I just got thru watching a video the other day, that covered many of the sensational cases in the USA. It did quote authorities who admitted that too often, satanists had police helping them who were often satanists themselves and that they deliberately sought to infiltrate or cultivate key areas of society such as police, governments, lawyers, doctors, judges, etc. Its a plague, no mater which nation you deal with.

    One thing can be said. It is one hell of a lesson to be taught and learned. for those who want to be part of the “starting over again” group that God is gathering, We have seen the worst. We should know better than to ever let this happen again. Many rules of God appear to be small, or trivial or insignificant, are actually important and we have to be vigilant. I note in watching old TV shows from the mid 60s to the 70s, that the old guard was often riducled and made fun of. But while they were not perfect, they understood that forces were at work to destroy the old established ways for new subversive ones. Once God restores the old ways, we must never let them down again. If we do, we will end up being bunch of satanists again. Any thing but that!

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