@ukHomeOffice Child Protection Conference – Lanark Scotland – 5 May

This is the announcement of the conference with a few key videos such as this one with Agony Aunt Denise Robertson:

This is a great account with links. Watch the full conference here:

Sandy Smith a Survivor from Scotland told a very moving story about his case, very raw and still hurting badly.

Sheila Taylor works in all areas of helping Survivors, she encourages civil injunctions where the authorities let the Survivor down and has been in this field for many years. 

Brian Gerrish speaking about the extent of the abuse of children and with the evidence placed in front of us we can assume it is intentional and evil satanist are running the show. Mentioned Wilfred Wong who specialises in SRA and the video of the chief whip for the tories years ago Tim Fortescue who years ago said if MP’s did something wrong he would just get rid of the problem:

Marilyn Hawes a teacher who discovered, following a visit from the police that her boss/close friend was abusing her 3 sons following years of grooming them and she did not have a clue. This wake up call pivoted her into starting a company educating parents against the devious ways of grooming children, very clued up lady, still suffering a terrible guilt trip at the hands of this deviant paedophile.

Ann Moulds was stalked for 2 years until she was devastated, friendless and isolated. They eventually found the stalker who got a basic telling off as there was no law sufficient in Scotland to punish him. She worked to change the law after having to move home and lose her business. Here is her site:

Brain Mynot a Survivor and top abuse therapist who stepped back because the system is failing many Survivors. He is however still willing to help many who approach him and can be found here.

Christina England Research Journalist has brought a second book, “Vaccination Policy and The UK Government: The Untold Truth”  exposing the UK government and their dangerous vaccine agenda. Threats were made to Christina following her first book “Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis, Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?”and told not to give her material to any journalists, they forgot to tell her not to become a journalist herself, which is exactly what she did. Choc a block full of compromising papers it brings up yet again the lack of safety in vaccination and how the heavy handed big pharma threaten anyone passing this information on.

Len Lawrence ex pilot exposes his poisoning while flying with organ phosphates and subsequent sectioning in efforts to keep him quiet.

Dr Lois Lee founder of “Children of the Night” charity from Los Angeles, goes into the streets of LA finding youngsters who have lost their way in life and brings them to her safe houses. Her site is

She plans to help Survivors here in the UK get justice and failing that she will expose their stories (if appropriate) in the US. Here she is speaking about the charity:

Brain W Lees is the brother in law of the man called Craig, a man with learning difficulties who was treated so inhumanly throughout the UK Care System that he initiated Craig’s Law.

Jan Smith a lady from the US went into first gear when her grandchildren were taken into care. She believes the powers that be would not make the decisions that they make if they avoided alcohol and chemicals, she believes the first step in this direction is to clean them up. You will find her somewhere on Facebook, she is willing to help in the UK.

Watch the full conference here:




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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