Isle of Man Child Sexual Abuse Update Feb 2016

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Much has happened in the 8 months since this blogs initial post on Isle of Man child sexual abuse [155].

Two Women Break Through the Taboo

Sadie Sanders and Lisa Taylor have stepped forward and bravely broken through the taboo that exists about child sexual abuse in this relatively small island community of approximately 88,000 [164]. Sadie and Lisa have chosen to go public about the fact that they were abused [122][123]  [126][120][151]  [148] and received the praise of Juan Watterson, Home Affairs Minister [108] Whilst the taboo has not disappeared, more people are coming forward and talking about the issues, the more people that break through, the less the taboo. Lisa says she was getting approached by 3 women a week [148]

Petition for heavier sentences for child sexual abusers is promised change

Lisa and Sadie launched a petition and campaigned to…

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