Cabinet Office Documents about Cyril Smiths Honours

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I have finally just received a letter of reply, which they call a review [2] and information [1] from my Freedom of Information request originally way back in April 2014 [3] . This was for information the Cabinet Office have on the application for honours for Cyril Smith.


Some of the information I am pretty sure has been made available before. Without checking through the Cabinet Office site, and other sites I would guess it has not all been in the public domain before, but I am very willing to be corrected. There are 19 pages in all [1].  The hand written notes are of poor quality.

  1. Draft Letter from Lord Shackleton on behalf of Political Honours Scrutiny Committee (PHSC), to the Prime Minister 3 pages
  2. 1988 May 11 Letter from Mrs ME Hedley-Miller (Sec of PHSC) to Mr N Wicks 1 page
  3. 1988 May 11 Letter from ?…

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