Snippets on Dolphin Square, Maxwell Knight and MI5

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MI5 had a presence in Dolphin Square from 1937 [1] [1a] but maybe as far back as 1924 [3].

maxwell knight Maxwell Knight

Maxwell Knight was placed in charge of B5b, a unit that conducted the monitoring of political subversion. This was despite being a member of the British Fascisti (BF), an organization established to counter the growing powers of the Labour Party and the Trade Union movement. He burgled the offices of Communist and Labour Party organisations in Scotland [4].

J.F.C. Carter, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police found out and argued that Maxwell Knight was “doing the whole of this thing for the Conservative Party”. Carter added that Ramsay MacDonald, the prime minister, was “against this sort of work” [4].

It is well known that Knight bought 308 Hood House as a search will show [5]. It is less well known that he bought a…

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