Letter to #Goddard #CSA Inquiry: Protecting #MelanieShaw and Other #ChildAbuse #Survivors

15 08 06 GerrishBy Brian Gerrish

Dear Ms Goddard,

I have worked as a Community Journalist for some years during which time I have been approached by a number of child abuse victims.

More recently we were approached by a lady called Melanie Shaw. Melanie was abused at Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham and her testimony of her own abuse and that of many other children initiated Operation Daybreak by Nottingham police. This investigation has now expanded to several other children’s homes in the area. To date the ‘investigation’ has produced no tangible results, indeed one Judge is on record describing the investigation as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

From the time Melanie Shaw expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of Nottingham police in their conduct of Operation Daybreak, including that they were failing to fully investigate evidence of child abuse and witnesses, she has been subjected to a campaign of harassment by Nottingham police, and has simultaneously been denied the mental health care in the community to which she is entitled, and needs as an abuse survivor.

Aside from the actions of Nottingham police, Melanie has been accused and convicted of crimes for which she protests her innocence, indeed many members of the public consider that the charges were malicious and designed to silence her as a child-abuse whistle blower. The aggressive charges were pursued by Alison Saunders Head of the Crown Prosecution Services, at the same time that Ms Saunders made every effort to prevent Lord Janner being brought to Court.

Melanie has also had her child removed by Social Services, after she was warned that this would happen if she continued to speak out about abuse, and she has been subjected to a regime of brutalisation, solitary confinement and denial of basic medical treatment in HMP Peterborough. All evidenced.

Taken back into the custody of Nottingham police just a few days ago, Melanie was then held unlawfully for a period over 24 hours and then released, as a highly vulnerable person onto the streets with no phone (yet another ‘confiscated’ by the police) and no money.

Nottingham Police is the same force that has consistently failed to protect children in Nottingham. Their visible failings and their ongoing appalling treatment and harassment of Melanie Shaw remains a matter of great and immediate Public Controversy.

I note that your Terms of Reference indicate at Annex A 2(a) that you are to “Consider the experiences of the survivors of child sexual abuse; providing opportunities for them to bear witness to the Inquiry, having regard to the need to provide appropriate support in doing so;”

That being the case can you please explain how you will take immediate and effective action to provide support and protect Melanie Shaw from threats, intimidation and harassment, including from Nottingham police who have failed her to date.

Your reassurance will be of immediate public interest, and will also be taken as the base-line intent of your inquiry to protect other child abuse survivors and whistleblowers from intimidation from the very public sector organisations who you are employed to investigate for their failings.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter and I look forward to your prompt response, taking into account the continuing harassment and neglect which Melanie is having to endure daily.

Yours Sincerely
Brian Gerrish
Joint Editor


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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13 Responses to Letter to #Goddard #CSA Inquiry: Protecting #MelanieShaw and Other #ChildAbuse #Survivors

  1. sasson1 says:

    It’s alright having an inquiry about historical child abuse, but children and adults need protecting NOW. I hope Goddard takes this on board!

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  2. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This is not going to go away. The truth must be told. Justice must be done – and be seen to be done.


  3. High time for the truth to be told as well as justice to be done – and for both to be seen to be done.


  4. List of Exposed and Alleged/Rumoured VIP Child Sex Abusers

    Is anyone missing from this list?

    This list does not include persons who are/might be currently under police investigation or awaiting trial.

    -Name typed in all CAPITALS means that the individual has been EXPOSED as a child sex abuser.

    Note: “Exposed” means that one or more victims have alleged abuse by the “exposed” individual listed below, and/or that there are credible reports of the the “exposed” individual engaging in child sex abuse and/or attending “paedo parties.” The term “exposed” is not intended to have the same meaning as “convicted” or “found guilty” in a court of law.

    -Name typed in Standard Form means that the individual is alleged/rumoured to be a child sex abuser, on websites dedicated to exposing abuse, in old Scallywag or Private Eye articles, due to their interests/activities, etc.

    List of Exposed and Alleged/Rumoured VIP Child Sex Abusers:


    -SIR NICHOLAS FAIRBAIRN QC MP (Thatcher’s Solicitor-General for Scotland)
    -SIR PETER MORRISON MP (Thatcher’s PPS, also Deputy Party Chairman)
    -SIR EDWARD HEATH MP (LORD HEATH) (Prime Minister of the UK)
    -SIR KEITH JOSEPH MP (Minister under Thatcher, one of Thatcher’s closest policy advisors)
    -SIR WILLIAM VAN STRAUBENZEE MP (Northern Ireland Minister under Heath)
    -SIR RHODES BOYSON MP (minister under Thatcher)
    -SIR MICHAEL HAVERS QC MP (LORD HAVERS) (Thatcher’s Attorney General)
    -SIR KNOX CUNNINGHAM Bt MP (Harold MacMillan’s PPS)
    – DR. ALASTAIR SMITH (Leader of Scottish Conservatives under Thatcher)
    -ROBERT BOOTHBY MP (LORD BOOTHBY OF BUCHAN AND RATTRAY HEAD, close friend of Sir Winston Churchill)
    -SIR IAN HOROBIN (convicted of child sex abuse in 1962).

    -Enoch Powell MBE MP
    -Michael Colvin MP (Chair of Commons Defence Committee)
    -Sir Gerald Nabarro MP
    -Brendan Bracken MP (Sir Winston Churchill’s PPS, then Minister for Information).
    -Wyn Roberts MP (Lord Roberts of Conwy) (Wales Minister under John Major)
    -Robert McAlpine (Lord McAlpine of West Green) (Conservative Party Treasurer 1975-90)
    -Christopher Chataway MP
    -William Whitelaw MP (1st Viscount Whitelaw) (held various top ministerial positions under Heath and Thatcher including Sec. of State for Northern Ireland and Home Secretary).
    -Margaret Thatcher MP (Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven) (Prime Minister)
    -Timothy Raison MP
    -Anthony Barber MP (Lord Barber) (Heath’s Chancellor of the Exchequer)
    -Sir Michael Grylls MP
    -James Prior MP (Lord Prior) (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland)
    -Sir Simon Milton (Leader of Westminster Council, then Chief of Staff to the Mayor of London)
    -Harry Hall (Tory leader of Richmond-upon-Thames Council)

    still living: lord michael heseltine mp, lord norman fowler, sir peter bottomley, baroness virginia bottomley, lord peter brooke mp (former Sec. State for Northern Ireland), michael portillo mp (former Sec. State. for Defence), sir peter lilley mp (former cabinet minister), derek laud (lobbyist and friend of Michael Colvin, Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley), patrick rock (Thatcher’s political correspondence secretary, also senior advisor to Cameron as Deputy chief of Downing street policy unit. Was one of just 3 political appointees with a desk in downing street. Tipped for peerage before being charged with possession of indecent material), lord tim bell of belgrvia (pled guilty to public indecency at Hamshire magistrates court in 1977), lord james prior mp (former Sec. State for Northern Ireland), harvey proctor mp, lord michael forsyth mp (former Sec. State for Scotland), michael brown mp, ian greer (lobbyist), k clarke qc mp, sir archie hamilton mp, sir geoffrey pattie mp, sir michael latham mp, george tremlett (tory glc leader), colin barrow (westminster council), robert davis (westminster council), julian lewis mp, alan bradley (westminster council), lord norman lamont, lord peter carrington, lord d hurd, julian amery mp, matthew parris mp, humphrey atkins mp, christopher patten mp (lord patten of barnes), nigel evans mp (former deputy commons speaker), mark pritchard mp (arrested for rape), lord peter carrington (Sec Gen of NATO, Thatcher’s foreign sec, Heath’s defence sec)

    See also list of donors to Harvey Proctor’s shirt shop – Donors included: Lord Jeffrey Archer (former MP), Mark Lennox-Boyd MP, Sir Nicholas Bonsor MP, Tim Yeo MP, Michael brown MP, David Ashby MP, Tristan Garel-Jones MP (Lord Garel-Jones), Neil Hamilton MP, David Heathcote-Amory MP, David Evans MP, Richard Shepherd MP, Julian Amery MP, Michael Heseltine MP (Lord Heseltine), Sir Charles Morrisson MP (brother of notorious paedo Sir Peter Morrison MP), Sir Neil Thorne MP, William Benyon MP, and Christine Hamilton (Neil Hamilton MP’s wife). John Major, the prime minister, was a customer, and bought shirts from Proctor’s shop.

    See: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/why-was-harvey-proctor-assaulted-in-1992/


    -GEORGE THOMAS MP (1ST VISCOUNT TONYPANDY. His viscountcy was given to him by Margaret Thatcher. He was Speaker of the Commons)

    -Sir Stuart Bell MP
    -Christopher Price MP

    still living: 2 prime ministers, lord mandelson mp, lord janner mp , alan milburn mp, harriet harman qc mp, patricia hewitt mp, jack dromey mp, dame margaret hodge mp, ann clwyd mp, lord george home robertson of portellen mp (former UK secretary of state for defense, and Sec. Gen. of NATO), keith vaz mp, lord tom pendry mp, gerald kaufman mp, lord hardie, lord tommy mcavoy (?), lord/mp paul boateng mp , lord john prescott mp, ian mikardo mp, bryan gould mp, roy jenkins mp (home secretary),

    Liberals / Liberal Democrats:

    -Tim Beaumont (Lord Beaumont of Whitley)
    -Jeremy Thorpe MP

    -still living: david steel mp (lord steel of aikwood), lembit mp, mike hancock mp, alex carlile (lord carlile of berriew)

    Civil Service/Government:

    -FIELD MARSHAL WILLIAM SLIM, 1ST VISCOUNT SLIM OF YARRALUMLA AND BISHOPTON, KG GCB GCMG GCVO GBE DSO MC (Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 13th Governor-General of Australia, Constable of Windsor Castle, World War II hero, etc)
    -SIR MAURICE OLDFIELD (Director-General of MI6)
    -SIR PETER HAYMAN (Deputy Director-General of MI6, also British High Commissioner to Canada)
    -P.T.E. “PETER” ENGLAND (Chief of MI5 in Northern Ireland)
    -J.L. IMRIE (MI5/Ministry of Defence)
    -CLIFFORD HINDLEY (Senior Home Office civil servant, in charge of Voluntary Services Unit)
    -COMMANDER MICHAEL TRESTRAIL (Chief of Royal Protection Squad of the Metropolitan Police)
    -PETER RIGHTON (National Children’s Bureau, Advisor to various cabinet ministers, government agencies and quangos.)
    -R.R. LANGLEY (civil servant, possibly accountant, at Buckingham Palace)
    -SIR ANTHONY BLUNT (Held appointment in Royal Household, was a former MI6 officer, Soviet spy).
    -FIELD MARSHAL LORD BRAMALL OF BUSHFIELD (EDWIN NOEL WESTBY) (he was Chief of the Defence Staff under Margaret Thatcher)
    -GENERAL SIR HUGH BEACH (Deputy Commander UK land forces, also Master-General of the Ordnance)

    -John Henniker-Major (8th Baron Henniker of Stratford-upon-Slaney) (diplomat, was in charge of Personnel Department at FCO, ambassador to Jordan and Denmark, President of British Council, possible MI6 connections. He was friends with Peter Righton).
    -Sir Michael Hanley (Director-General of MI5)
    -Ian Cameron (Chief of MI5 in Northern Ireland)
    -Sir Adrian Fulford QC (high court judge, defender of paedos as a defense lawyer, connected to PIE)
    -Judge Sir Harold Cassel QC (for info on him and other alleged judges who are abusers, see article on Judges)
    -Judge David(?) Cullen (responsible for dun bl ane cover-up. He is/was the top judge in Scotland).
    -Judge Niclas Parry
    -Judge John Prosser
    -Judge David Paget
    -Judge Ian Starforth Hill
    -Judge Mark Lucraft
    -Judge Julian Hall
    -Judge Nigel Peters
    -Judge Peter Bowers
    -Ian Campbell Dunn (civil servant (city planner) in Edinburgh)
    -Michael Bettany (former MI5 officer, Soviet spy, convicted of treason)
    -Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC (high-ranking judge, covered up child abuse in Wales)
    -Sir Norman Skelhorn QC (Director of Public Prosecutions) (prevented Victor Montagu and other paedos from being prosecuted).
    -Sir Percy Cradock (held very high-ranking posts in the intelligence community and Ministry of Defence, top advisor to Margaret Thatcher)
    -Sir Thomas Hetherington QC (Director of Public Prosecutions)
    -Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Herman LVO RM (former aide to HRH Prince Philip and Princess Anne)

    High Society:

    -SIR JIMMY SAVILE (very close friend of Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, etc)
    -ROBERT “BOB” HENDERSON QC (top Scottish lawyer, abused his own daughter, friends with Sir Nicholas Fairbairn QC MP).
    -SENATOR WILFRED KRICHEFSKI: Leader of Jersey Senate, also leader of the Jersey Jewish community.
    -BISHOP TREVOR HUDDLESTON (senior Church of England clergyman)
    -PIERS GRANT-FERRIS (Catholic priest, convicted abuser, son of Deputy Commons Speaker Sir Robert Grant-Ferris)
    -CARDINAL KEITH O’BRIEN (admitted abuser, was Britain’s top Catholic clergyman until he stepped down)
    -CAPTAIN CHARLES NICHOLAS HORNBY (Old Etonian, friend of Prince Charles)
    -VISCOUNT MERSEY (pled guilty to child sex abuse, received derisory sentence)
    -VISCOUNT FALKLAND (pled guilty to CSA, received derisory sentence)
    -ROLF HARRIS CBE (now in prison)
    -MAX CLIFFORD (high-powered, wealthy publicist, now in prison)
    -GRAHAM OVENDEN (artist, friend of Lord Robert McAlpine. Now in prison)
    -JEFFREY EPSTEIN (American billionaire, convicted paederast/sex offender. Good friend of Prince Andrew. Epstein likes abusing white girls (link article)).
    -GHISLAINE MAXWELL (daughter of billionaire MP and newspaper owner Robert Maxwell. Procured girls for Epstein (and possibly other VIPs) to abuse)
    -THOMAS KENYON (son of 5th baron Kenyon)
    -WILLIAM STRAW (Convicted abuser. He is brother of senior Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw).
    -ROGER TOOK (Convicted abuser. Now dead. Was director of an art museum and author, and a graduate of Haileybury and RMA Sandhurst).
    -KEITH HARDING (watch/clock maker, friend of Jeremy Thorpe, Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith)
    -COLIN PETERS (former FCO barrister, convicted abuser).
    -JIMMY MCALPINE (Cousin of Lord Robert McAlpine).
    -NICHOLAS BEAUMONT-DARK (Son of a Tory MP. Convicted of possession of indecent material. Received derisory sentence).
    -REGINALD FORESTER SMITH (high-end photographer) (convicted abuser).
    -DOUG RICHARD (wealthy businessman/investor, advisor to cameron, charged with rape)
    -LOU LOU
    -SIR LAURENS VAN DER POST (friend of Royal family, explorer, writer)
    -SIR ARTHUR C. CLARKE (explorer, science fiction writer, friend of Prince Charles.)
    -EDWARD DOUGLAS-SCOTT-MONTAGU (3RD BARON MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU) (charged with abusing a Boy Scout in the 1950s).
    -TAM PATON (Bay City Rollers manager)

    -Sir Harold Haywood KCVO OBE DL (chair/president of many youth organizations, Director of Royal Jubilee Trust, Director of Prince’s Trust, friend of Prince Charles, friend of Sir Angus Ogilvy, friend of Sir Jimmy Savile. Helped edit and promote a pro-paederast book).
    -Captain Peter Stephen Montgomery (aristocrat and landowner in Ulster, President of NI Arts Council, Vice-Lieutenant of County Tyrone, friend of Lord Rothschild, Sir Knox Cunningham and Anthony Blunt)
    -Lord Victor Rothschild (billionaire banker, worked for MI5, also chief of Edward Heath’s Downing Street Policy Unit, when Britain joined the European Economic Community / Common Market).
    -Sir Benjamin Britten (Lord Britten) (playwright/writer. Widely suspected of being a paederast).
    -Michael De La Noy (author)
    -Germaine Greer (pro-paedo journalist/writer. Friend of Rolf Harris, royals, etc.)
    -Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon, 5th Baron Kenyon (Thomas Kenyon’s father, held numerous important positions in Wales. Named as an abuser in an old Scallywag article).
    – Francis “Frank” Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford (Harriet Harman MP’s uncle, friend of murderer Myra Hindley)
    -Richard PT Davenport-Hines (eminent historian. Harshly criticised Geoffrey Dickens for naming Sir Peter Hayman in the House of Commons.)
    -Lord Julian Fellowes (creator of Downton Abbey. Opposed Geoffrey Dickens naming Sir Peter Hayman in the House of Commons).
    -Lucille Butler (Daughter-in-law of leading Tory politician R.A. Butler MP (Lord Butler of Saffron Walden KG).
    -Harry Coen (former sub-editor of the Telegraph, then editor of Tablet magazine).
    -David Thornton (former sub-editor of the Telegraph).
    -Jim Davidson (playwright/entertainer. Author of play No Further Action)
    -Rodney Bennett-England
    -Antony Grey
    -Reverend Michael Butler
    -Tony Smythe (NCCL General Secretary)
    -Alan Beck (University of Kent)
    -Ian Campbell Dunn
    – Senator Robert Reginald Jeune (Jersey Senator, lawyer, friend of notorious abuser Senator Wilfred Krichefski).
    -Dr. Morris Fraser (Azimuth Trust)
    -Jess Conrad – pop star
    -Sir Cliff Richard (musician/singer)
    -Peter Townsend (rock star from The Who)
    -professor emeritus univ of kent
    -Ray Beech (?)

    still living: adam mars-jones (film critic and son of top judge), mark henniker major (9th baron henniker), sir adrian fulford (high court judge), peter thornton (chief coroner of england and wales), paul knapman (westminster coroner), ian greer (lobbyist), dan hodges (journalist), david aaronovitch (journalist), danny finkelstein (head of policy exchange, also journalist), matthew parris mp (journalist and former mp), simon jenkins (journalist), germaine greer (journalist/writer, friend of royalty, friend of rolf harris)


    -Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. (Rumoured abuser).
    -Earl of Granville (died 1952. Rumoured abuser).

    See lists of abusers (scroll down), and also sir harold haywood stuff (scroll down to see Haywood’s edits to text, written in red ink, for proof of his involvement in pro-paedo activities):







  5. More names of rumored abusers:


    Scroll down for lists of rumored VIPs.

    Bryan Gould MP, Lord Houghton, Lord Portchester, Lord Moyne, Lord Bamford, Lord Blandford, Lord Douglas Hurd, Sir Timothy Rice, Sir Peter de Savary, Lord Hardie, Michael Portillo, Sir Benjamin Britten, Lord Falconer, Lord Browne, Sir Arthur Clarke, Viscount Mersey, Viscount Falkland, Lord Falconer, Lord Lamont, Ian Mikardo, Lord David Steel, Lord Robertson of portellen, lord houghton, julian amery, william hague, lord carrington

    Alistair Cooke (Baron Lexdon), Ian Hamilton MP, michael forsyth mp, archie hamilton mp, neil hamilton mp, harriet harman mp, alan milburn mp, jack dromey mp, patricia hewitt mp, margaret hodge mp, ann clwyd mp, edward leigh mp, michael colvin mp, william hague mp, david nicholson mp, julian lewis mp,wyn roberts mp, timothy raison mp (authorised PIE funding), james prior mp, gillian shephard mp, lord tenby, lord tenby jr, keith vaz mp, sir ronald waterhouse qc, robert skelhorn qc (director public proescutions), david rose (daily mail journalist), nick ross (bbc presenter), Ron Brown Mp, robert banks mp



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  8. peter oakes says:

    I am speechless ! Kin Hell, F-cks Sake , Jesus Wept. OMG. Er ERR dipststick I dont have a vocabulary, or err eer yu no wat a meen, init bloody hell, I am thikk as sheet but i bet
    you all a toffee all of the NAMED are Pubic Skool where queeers, wooooftahs are
    initiated into the rituals of Satan and had their rectums vacuuated from the filth
    there in. Truth is a good honest bowel motion ie. turd has a certain dignity.

    RIP. I wish to address this house about a MOTION I


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