Whoever’s interest you ARE acting in, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT the public’s, Ms #AlisonSaunders #Director #PublicProsecution

To the Public Servant, Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

You took the decision, which you claim was in the public interest, not to prosecute Greville Janner for paedo-sadistic crimes. You gave, as an excuse, that Janner was suffering from dementia. Do you mean “Dementia Praecox”, what is sometimes referred to as schizophrenia, or split personality? Well, it’s certainly NOT “specialist” knowledge that anyone who has paedo-sadistic urges towards young children, is severely mentally unbalanced – that’s patently obvious, isn’t? That doesn’t mean they are exempt from the law, and are allowed the freedom to pursue these urges, does it? They are still law-breakers – criminals, and a POTENTIAL threat to children, are they not? They are certainly not people who can be allowed to go about their business as if they had done nothing against the law, nothing wrong.

It is in the public INTEREST, Ms Saunders, that paedo-sadistic torturers, rapists and murderers, are not allowed to go about their business as if they had done nothing against the law. It’s NOT in the public interest, that these demented, deranged people are permitted to roam freely in society. One of the top, if not THE top priority of the public (human beings), is safeguarding their children, their children’s children, and ALL of the most vulnerable human beings in society from being preyed upon by these profoundly sick people. Torturing, raping and murdering children are CRIMES against ALL of humanity. Those perpetrating such crimes are CRIMINALS. Your PUBLIC DUTY, Ms Saunders, is to carry out your job properly, and ensure such criminals as Greville Janner and Leon Brittan are OPENLY, publicly prosecuted, so the public are made AWARE of these dangerous criminals, and that these criminals are being prevented from continuing their depraved crimes. In short, doing the job you are entrusted by the public to do.

In the cases of Greville Janner, and Leon Brittan, where REAL, HONEST policewomen and policemen provided you with more than sufficient evidence to prosecute these two criminals, you REFUSED to prosecute. The EXCUSES you made to support your refusal to prosecute these CRIMINALS are NOT accepted by the public, Ms Saunders. And the public does not accept that the thousands of hours of hard work, investigating these depraved criminals by GOOD and HONEST people in the police – doing a job they KNOW is important, and should be appreciated and supported – is so abruptly and arrogantly dismissed by you, claiming this high-handed dismissal is “in the public interest”. IT IS NOT.

These REAL policewomen and policemen, with their commitment and determination to ensure criminals like Janner and Brittan are brought to justice, putting in thousands of hours of patient, meticulous hard work, have the FULL support of the public, Ms Saunders. Your dismissal of their commendable diligence, claiming you are acting in the public INTEREST, is NOT, in any way, accepted by the public, Ms Saunders. Whoever’s interest you ARE acting in, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT the public’s. Your decisions not to prosecute KNOWN paedo-sadistic criminals like Brittan and Janner, are in fact, PROTECTING these criminals, Ms Saunders. This is itself, against the law, a CRIME. You are aiding and abetting paedo-sadistic rapists, torturers and murderers. In short, you are a CRIMINAL, Alison Saunders, acting outside of the law.

Stand down, and turn yourself in, while things are still calm enough for you do so. When the public realise the full extent of the crimes of those you have been, and still are protecting (and that realisation is a CERTAINTY, Ms Saunders), they are bound to be very upset. When they learn that children have been raped, tortured and murdered for the PLEASURE, PROFIT and POWER of an “elite” few, they are bound to find it very difficult to stay calm, Ms Saunders.

You have NOW an opportunity to peacefully stand down, and turn yourself in to GENUINE policewomen and policemen. You already know who some of them are: those honourable men and women who came to you with all their hard-earned, fully supported evidence, sufficient to put those paedo-sadistic criminals, Britten and Janner, on trial.

Time to do what’s lawful, Alison.

And take note, Mr Hogan-Howe: You also have a duty to the public, who have entrusted you to do what’s lawful: to begin to arrest those depraved, unbalanced “elite” paedo-sadists out there, and those protecting them (and you know who they are), NOW and without delay.


from one of the public and a conscious living being.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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