Child Abuse Inquiry To Release Progress Reports And Interim Recommendations

Researching Reform

Officials working on behalf of the Statutory Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse have confirmed that the Panel will be releasing progress reports as they begin their investigations into child abuse.

This news comes as an estimate of the duration of the Inquiry, suggested by a Home Office official to be in the region of 8 years depending on the number of victims and survivors who come forward, caused concern last week.

There is also talk that the Inquiry may also release interim recommendations, presumably to stem the suggestion that they are purposefully stalling the investigation and also, to ensure that a long-ranging Inquiry like this one offers calls for action which can be implemented sooner rather than later.

Despite talk that the Inquiry is intentionally trying to stall proceedings, Researching Reform does not agree. The Panel is clearly trying to ensure that there is a good working structure in…

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