Former Head Of Child Abuse Inquiry Says Investigation Is Deceiving Survivors

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Baroness Butler-Sloss, who was very briefly Chair of what is now the Statutory Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, has made a series of critical comments about the Inquiry, at a recent Chatpolitics event.

Speaking at the event, Butler-Sloss, whose statements were recorded, said:

“The real problem about this inquiry is the victims have now been given a false view that they’re all going to be heard.

“There are an enormous number of victims out there, and of course they won’t all be heard. I am absolutely sure that they will not be pleased with the result.”

At first glance, the comment appears to be a rather poor show of sour grapes. Butler-Sloss was forced to stand down as Chair for the Inquiry after it emerged that her brother Sir Michael Havers was Attorney General at a time when some of the worst alleged abuses in the 1980s took place. Her less…

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One Response to Former Head Of Child Abuse Inquiry Says Investigation Is Deceiving Survivors

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a survivor its a disgrace that we live in a country where peodofiles get to do what they like as they are protected by government I wish I kept mine secret which I managed for 26 years but something will happen where we all unite against this evil Mr camaron needs to be very carfull when trying to take are human rights that he will cause a civil war cause the only reason he is doing that is to protect his evil backers and ex MPs lords monarch police and government bodies that was involved in covering up abuse for years

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