#JimHoodMP used Parliamentary Privilege to name #LeonBrittan in #ChildAbuse

14 10 29 Daily MailThe Telegraph wrote about it:

The Daily Mail, too:

From the marvellous Cliff’s Edge Signalling Company: “Tony Benn used to say that Hansard was seriously underutilized as a source. Below is the key extract from Hansard in which Jim Hood’s accusations against Leon Brittan in the debate on Mining Communities in the Houses of Commons on 28 October 2014 appear in their proper context:”

“I was born a miner. Mining communities were the most law-abiding communities one could wish for. During the miners strike, people were put in prison who had never seen a prison even from afar. Much has been written about violence on picket lines. The 30-year rule on publishing Cabinet papers needs to be examined, and the conduct of the Home Secretary in directing police and courts must be disclosed. By the way, the current exposé of Sir Leon Brittan, the then Home Secretary, with accusations of improper conduct with children, will not come as a surprise to the striking miners of 1984, as many of them… [interrupted]…the rumours that Sir Leon Brittan was involved in misconduct with children do not come as news to miners who were on strike in 1984, because when miners were going into the dock in magistrates courts we were aware and miners were declaring…[interrupted]…Miners were saying in the dock in all the magistrates courts throughout the strike that they objected to the instructions coming from the Home Secretary when there were reports of child abuse linked with that same Home Secretary.”

Tweeters comment:

  • It is more concerning that referred to as “a noble Lord” than highlighted “accusations”
  • Well done for using MP’s privilege to highlight “accusations of improper conduct with children” against
  • People don’t care that you were bumped into . We care about Tory child abuse cover-ups.
  • Libel law allows me to report that Leon Brittan has been accused of abusing children, as said in Parliament
  • Thatcher misled the public during the miners’ strike and Leon Brittan has been linked to child abuse.
  • Not many papers have picked up on the “outing” of yet but chilling effects are going to get busier
  • UK. A nation of violation

Bloggers blog about it:

Exaro News published:

And in July 2014, the BBC:

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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One Response to #JimHoodMP used Parliamentary Privilege to name #LeonBrittan in #ChildAbuse

  1. david harries says:

    There should be no parlimentry privileges if some one chooses to abuse then they should be named its still protection for them and none for us disgusting wrong to say the least

    Liked by 1 person

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