WHO DECIDES on releasing or not releasing this prisoner? Serco, Cambridge or Norfolk Court?

Caricature of Sir James Bacon (1798-1895). Cap...

Caricature of Sir James Bacon (1798-1895). Caption read “Contempt of Court”. Bacon was Commissioner of Bankruptcy for London and later Chief Judge in Bankruptcy, Vice Chancellor, Judge of the High Court, Member of the Privy Council. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Poster for the play Contempt of Court...

English: Poster for the play Contempt of Court by Dion Boucicault (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IF ONLY this was a novel! If only it was fiction what Brian Pead is experiencing. But no, it is a grotesque farce aka ‘justice’, where fairness, proportionality and appropriateness are supposed to be legal principles.

Well, since his first letter in July, Brian had four hearings that McKenzie Friends have witnessed:

  • on 29 July at the Inner London Crown Court – re ‘contempt of court‘ for not having legal representation – with four witnesses
  • on 08 August in Cambridge – re ‘impersonating a barrister‘ – with two witnesses
  • on 19 August in the Inner London Crown Court – re ‘contempt of court‘ – with two witnesses
  • on 10 September via videolink in Norwich Crown Court – re his appeal against supposed criminal damages against a car – with two witnesses – when he didn’t have a clue about what the hearing was about, nor had he had any papers.

All of these hearings relied on and confirmed

  • the release date of 12th September
  • the bail conditions imposed by Norfolk Police: to present himself on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Station.

But today Brian phoned us for he had been told that he would NOT be released. This was to be expected, as it has happened before: on the day of the release he was taken to a court hearing and given an extra 10 days ‘on remand’. Even the judge couldn’t overturn the document that SERCO needed to stick to in order to ‘just do their job’.

Today it was first due to Cambridge then to Norwich Court, supposedly, that SERCO believed they can’t release him.

Oscar Wilde was in jail for two years for ‘gross indecent behaviour’, i.e. his love for a younger man. Now Brian has been in jail three times because he blew the whistle on paedophilia and thus turned two women into his enemies. Amazing, the repercussions and the future has already been paved with a number of hearings:

  • 17 October: pre-trial hearing re impersonating a barrister
  • 31 October: pre-trial hearing re breaching a restraining order
  • 10 November: trial re impersonating a barrister
  • 12 January: trial re breaching a restraining order

Wouldn’t it be nice if

1. he could at long last see the solicitor who could not visit him in prison due to the ‘ghosting’ him from prison to prison all the time?

  • the appointment has been scheduled for 18 September!

2. he could GET all the papers necessary so that he can defend himself against the accusations?

  • the CPS are known NOT to give him any documents and it was a breakthrough that a bundle was handed to him in our presence in London and to a McKenzie Friend yesterday in Norwich

3. the absence of the Rule of Law wasn’t as blatant!?…

  • some dare call it ‘anarchy’ when criminals rule the world…

If you want to check whether William Brian Freeman [Ap705DE] will or won’t be released tomorrow, please call the Licenses and Release Officer Faye at HMP Thameside on 020 8331 7407 or 020 8317 9777, option 2 for ‘custody‘.

The latest info is that “there was a mix up in Norfolk Court with his last case which caused the Remand Notice…”


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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