PAEDOPHILIA in the UK Establishment: a golden opportunity for exposing #paedobritain #childsnatchuk #CSAinquiry

Irish author, researcher, musician, activist and satirist Thomas Sheridan is Mark Devlin‘s guest…They talk about the parliamentary paedophile scandal slowly getting unveiled in the UK, and Thomas asserts that the nation will never again get such a golden opportunity to lift the lid on the sick and diseased nature of the Establishment, and that this needs to be our moment, similar to the way Ireland negated the power of the Catholic Church following all the sordid revelations from that particular institution.

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PS. Even the BBC reported on the scandal of over 1,400 girls being abused. But the emphasis is on Pakistanis being the perpetrators.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to PAEDOPHILIA in the UK Establishment: a golden opportunity for exposing #paedobritain #childsnatchuk #CSAinquiry

  1. T Birks says:

    I think Jimmy Savile will eventually be seen as a mild offender compared to the wrong-doings of the establishment who you can be absolutely certain are working very hard, contriving behind the scene to prevent the truth being told. How can a genuine and honest enquiry take place when people giving evidence are bound by the official secrets act which threatens them with prison for exposing crimes. NO -ONE should be outside the law in the course of this enquiry, not the establishment, government, the legal profession, politicians, people in the church, even the royal family .. people must be allowed to speak freely, unfettered, and this should take place now, instead of it being covered up until the offenders are dead and buried as has been the practice in the past. Those who have profitted from these crimes against children should be stripped of their wealth in order to make retribution to the victims. I’m sure we all have a lot to say about this but the first and most important things should be to establish the enquiry’s terms of reference .. the enquiry should follow wherever the evidence takes it, and all should be free to speak, regardless of any existing legal restrictions which should be waived, even if it could be argued to threaten national security.


  2. Cynical Shaun. says:

    I highly recommend listening to Thomas Sheriden. I went to one of his lectures on the psychopathic control structure in London in 2012 and another lecture in Daventry in May. No bullcrap from him. He tells it like it is.


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  4. david harries says:

    Very interesting reading and listening I am involved in operation pallial and a survivor of Bryn alyn I was under Rochdale and I am working with exaro on trying to get Rochdale to accept there wrongs cause my placements from them all was systematic Rochdale Rotherham Warrington north wales I always knew I was picked and I am not silly I done 18 years added up in prison never once pleaded not guilty mostly single cell because it was my only place of safely and a lot of complainants are going to come up with same problem there hiding behind a law proberly by a peodofile try helping the survivors in getting justice for there serious wrong sick ways we need to know are children’s children are safe from these evil predators read Peter’s fight on exaro news thanks


    • My goodness! Thank You, David!!!

      Let’s see what we will make happen when Brian Pead gets out of prison on 12 September. See


      • david harries says:

        Something needs doing if this is not the time it will never be ti me it needs stopping and children need protecting the CARE system can somebody emphercise on the word care cause I am struggling with that one as there was none just benefits for sick people


      • BENEFITS for SICK people! I get it!

        Sex or money or both plus possibly other ‘perks’, I guess.

        What on earth brought you into prisons???


      • david harries says:

        Car thieving theft the odd burglary never violent never robbed anyone by force never pleaded not guilty once prison was my only safe place I could hear who was coming in my cell as a little boy you hear the saying the pen is mightier than the sword well what happens when you have got neither you have to find other ways to protect yourself and I did with what I have been told to call them copping sratagies I am the most humble person you could meet and yes I am diagnosed with a few things but I am still standing up proud to fight these people for there wrong I paired for my criminal offences


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