BRIAN PEAD in Inner London Crown Court: exceptional & extreme bullying & harassment, amounting to torture

Habeas Corpus (1928 film)

Habeas Corpus (1928 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can’t make it up, but Norwich Police can: they come to your home to arrest you, telling you that you didn’t tell them your whereabouts! Twelve times they came to see Brian and his hosts are witness to it, but the Police claim they never did come. ‘Phantom visits’ are not recorded in notebooks.

But at least you can’t write letters to influential people, if you get locked into prison for 3 months. Furthermore, you are in contempt of court, for you didn’t organise legal representation for yourself. So you get another 2 months.

That’s what happened on 14 May 2014. Release date is now 12 September 2014. Never mind that somebody makes sure that you get ‘ghosted’, i.e. you get moved from HMP Norwich to HMP Wayland, Thameside, Highpoint, Norwich, Peterborough and now back to Thameside – for how long?

Why? Because it means that neither friends nor solicitors can get hold of you for it takes 3-4 days to get phone numbers and visitors on your ‘contact list’. The fact that mail gets delayed or not delivered goes without saying. Brian therefore asked for the case to be adjourned, but HHJ Chapel thought that 3 weeks should be enough for Legal Aid and ‘legal representation’ to be in place and ready to plead on behalf of the Defendant.

The fact that a Writ of Habeas Corpus gets ignored didn’t even impress HHJ Chapel today in the Inner London Crown Court. But I understand it’s not the right ‘remedy’.

Couldn’t he also have made an Order to ensure that HMP Thameside can allow for legal representation to take place and that the Habeas Corpus get acted upon?

So the next hearing will be on 08 August in Cambridge again – for supposedly ‘impersonating a barrister’ – by acting as McKenzie Friend for various people – and then on Tuesday 19 August regarding this harassment of writing a card to his granddaughter – in the Inner London Crown Court.

His daughter was threatened with her children being taken from her, should they have contact with Brian. So he hasn’t seen her and his grandchildren for SIX years!

That’s how far the ‘system’ can go, if it doesn’t like what you’re doing to defend yourself and the students who confided in you and you publish From Hillsborough to Lambeth


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