UKIP demands public inquiry over Rotherham abuse scandal

Rotherham Politics

UKIP councillors will call later today for a public inquiry into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

Two motions going before today’s full council meeting will discuss the contents of six independent reports into the council’s conduct during the time covered by the Jay Report.

There were claims of a “whitewash” after independent investigators ruled the council had failed to get a grip on CSE due to “systemic failure” and no individual former officer or councillor should be held responsible.

A petition set up by a CSE survivor known as Elizabeth, which demands a fresh criminal investigation into police officers’ and council officers’ actions, has attracted more than 16,000 supporters.

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Father’s Facebook Video Calling For Social Services Reform Goes Viral

Researching Reform

A father whose daughter was taken from him by social services, but was later reunited after fighting for her in court, has uploaded a Facebook video calling for an investigation into forced adoption. 

The Facebook live video showed the father protesting outside council offices in Grays. The video attracted an astounding 25,000 views.

So who was behind the footage?

Dad, Jack Barnes, who calls himself a child rights campaigner and goes by the hashtag #scousemegaphoneman, a nod to his own personal brand of campaigning in which he uses a megaphone to amplify his protests.

Jack’s daughter was taken away from him by social services at Thurrock Council in 2012. After an intense ten months in court fighting for her return, he was eventually reunited with his daughter and is now campaigning for Thurrock Council to reform its social services department.

Keen to look at the problems within social work…

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LANDMARK RULING: Foster Children Can Now Sue Local Authorities For Abuse

WOW! What a breakthrough at long last!

Researching Reform

A Supreme Court ruling which has overturned previous precedent and made history, will now allow children abused whilst in foster care to sue the local authorities that placed them.

Those who have been abused, as well as child rights campaigners all over the country who have fought tirelessly to establish this duty of care which should have been acknowledged a long time ago, will be delighted by the ruling.

The case which came before the Supreme Court saw Natasha Armes, now 40, from Nottingham, win against Nottinghamshire County Council after Supreme Court justices ruled by a majority of four-to-one that it was liable for abuse she suffered as a child 30 years ago.

The Supreme Court justices found the local authority was vicariously liable for the abuse Natasha suffered at the hands of her foster parents, but bizarrely, concluded that the council was not negligent in choosing or supervising them, even though the…

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Submissions to the Investigation into Knottfield Childrens Home, Isle of Man

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I made these submissions in August to the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee investigating child abuse at Knottfield.

I make it public now because I believe it is important that wider public should know what happened, and because I know people on the island are afraid to publically divulge what happened in case of reprisals. Also many inquiries are disappointing and cover up information unnecessarily, by accident or artifice, so a public submission is useful.

This is only just a part of the abuse that happened, partly because I have only been told some things by some people and partly because some things I know could not be divulged without revealing the source.

I have redacted the name of the Head of the Knottfield who was a child abuser. He was in fact Mr X, Mr Y and Mr Z in a previous post Isle of Man Knottfield Child Sexual…

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Grooming gangs ‘are abusing girls across the country’, victims and investigators warn

Rotherham Politics

Call for action comes as Bradford records 62 per cent rise in the number of referrals to its specialist child sexual exploitation service

Grooming gangs across the country are repeating the horrific abuse exposed in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and most recently Newcastle, victims and investigators have warned.

There are mounting calls for nationwide action to combat sexual exploitation, with authorities accused of playing catch-up after ignoring victims “for decades and decades”.

Sammy Woodhouse, who was abused as a teenager by the Rotherham ringleader Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain and has waived her right to anonymity, said abuse was underway “all over the country”.

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Rotherham abuse: 12 men charged with 44 child sex offences

Rotherham Politics

TWELVE men are due to appear in court charged with 44 child sex offences including rape, indecent assault, supplying drugs and false imprisonment.

They are (all addresses are Rotherham unless stated): Amjal Rafiq (38) and Nabeel Kurshid (34), of Warwick Street; Iqlak Yousaf (33) of Tooker Road; Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar (36) of East Road; Tanweer Ali (36), of Godstone Road; Aftab Hussain (38), of York Road; Abid Saddiq (36), of Walter Street; Sharaz Hussain (33), of Fitzwilliam Road, Eastwood; and Salah Ahmed El-Hakam (38), of Tudor Close, Sheffield; Mohammed Ashan (33), Masaeud Malik (33) and Waseem Khaliq (33).

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Twelve men to stand trial over child sex abuse in Rotherham

Twelve men from Rotherham and Sheffield are to go on trial accused of child sex offences including rape. The men, aged between 33 and 38, are accused of 44 offences including rape, indecent assault, supplying controlled drugs…

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#EdwardHeath: police delayed #OperationConifer report to avoid overshadowing #Tory conference @MarkWatts_1

17 10 02 Edward HeathEdward Heath: police delayed Conifer report to avoid overshadowing Tory conference

This article appeared on the FOIA site which is a centre for Freedom of Information [FOI] requests as well as on Byline.

The article is critical as the Wiltshire Police Commissioner Mike Veale will publish his report about his investigation into allegations made by abuse survivors on 5 October. Will he mention satanic practices?

The author is Mark Watts who used to be the editor-in-chief of Exaro so he is well informed about everything to do with child abuse and elite paedophilia.

dkpsw2au8aevtrlBut ‘paedophilia’ is an understatement compared with what David Icke published in 1998 and

  • on one hand the discovery of wide spread satanic practices
  • on the other hand the official denial.

One of the shocks was the opening of the St Gotthard tunnel.

Here in London I was recently invited to see the “School of Rock” , where

  • someone was likened to a satanic sex god
  • where a teacher got children to pray to the god of rock
  • where thirteen children left the stage with the horn signs on their hand
  • but I was left deaf for two hours…

Sadly also, the aria of the Queen of Night in Mozart’s Magic Flute was abused for sinister purposes.

It was a very double edged sword: on the good side, the repressive school system was criticised. But to advocate the ‘god of rock’ as the antidote is a rather unpleasant, sinister and very male expression of anger and frustration rather than art that uplifts broken souls and heals wounded minds and spirits.

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