@Theresa_May Between Promises and Delivery, Abuser Austerity and Victim Prosperity? @IICSA_Media @UKHomeOffice

Regarding the Abuse Inquiry, I found this 20-second video:

16-10-18-home-affairs-committeeThis evidence session of the Home Affairs Committee was a conversation with the Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA] and two Panel Members. It ended with Panel Member Ivor Frank asserting their independence, as “your institution is one of the ones we are meant to investigate.”

I had made contact to hand a document to the Chair and was duly impressed by the team’s efforts to stand up for themselves – with two MPs acting on behalf of survivor groups. Shortly afterwards, I got invited to attend the next Victims and Survivors Forum.

After sending them a lot of emails, links and documents as case no 45, I am really pleased, now they have 2,000 cases according to the timeline accompanying this article: Victims could sue child sex abuse inquiry over trauma. When you watch this excellent documentary with over 350,000 views, you can only sympathise:

  • groomed children don’t even dare to tell their parents about the abuse by their teachers;
  • the teachers are NOT properly prosecuted, as the Judiciary is on their side;
  • the victims turned survivors don’t get ANY moral damages or financial compensation…

Even from my perspective, the IICSA has a lot of issues to cover. But the most challenging ones seem to be: Continue reading

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The Case against #Pope, Catholic Church & #Paedophile Priests @InsideVatican @CatholicEW

Published in 2012, this 16-minute video is distinctly worth watching with a panel of

WHO is responsible for stopping child abuse by priests and HOW can it or does it need to be done?

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has these investigations planned:

In this 12-min video filmed in 2012, Geoffrey Robertson quotes holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel and accuses Pope Pius XII to help Nazis and not to help Jews:

Take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
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From Surviving Abuse to Mandate Now: Make Reporting Sexual Abuse Mandatory! @IICSA_Media @CabinetOfficeUK

Just in case you still need convincing that abuse happens in private schools, watch the above video about Caldicott School.

These survivors became starfighters, campaigners and trend setters, helping to make the Unbelievable Believable:

  • Mandate Now is a pressure group that seeks the introduction of law requiring all staff who work in ‘Regulated Activities’ to report concerns about the welfare of a child, to the Local Authority.
  • But how can that work when the Local Authority is part of the problem rather than the solution – just as the Police is far from being the solution!?…

Further mainstream media articles are:

and her 20 seconds on the Abuse Inquiry in February 2015:

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Appealing to Current and Future Child Protection @IICSA_media @cabinetofficeUK @theresa_may


Beatrix Campbell found adoption and foster leaflets of a local council, when she made Listen to the Children for Channel IV in 1990 – investigating satanic crimes and ritual abuse.

On 12 Sept 2016 she wrote in The Guardian: The scale of historical sexual abuse in the UK is a catastrophe. We need catharsis.

But what about current events and future protection? That was Dame Goddard’s recommendation to the Home Affairs Committee, after she resigned.

Fortunately, Prof Alexis Jay put this statement together ensuring the investigation of past and present failings!

Following our letter to the Prime Minister, the Home, Justice, Culture and Education Secretaries regarding the Inquiry, Buckingham Palace confirmed that I had done the right thing: write to the PM. 

Next, we will be adding these three pages for the PM’s consideration, the Inquiry Chair and the cabinet women who unite to fight child abuse:


to Stop ‘Police-Protected Paedophilia’ Continue reading

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#Indonesia passes chemical castration law for #paedophiles – a model for the world? @BBCworld

16-10-13-indonesia-lawIndonesia passes chemical castration law for paedophiles

Indonesia’s parliament has passed controversial laws authorising chemical castration, minimum sentences and execution for convicted paedophiles.

President Joko Widodo proposed the changes in May following the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl.

The new laws also allow judges to sentence paedophiles to death or tag them electronically, and applies a 10-year minimum sentence for child sex crimes.

Dr Yohana Susana Yembise, Indonesia’s Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection, said the administration was “praying” that the punishments “will have the desired effect”.

She said: “Now we have the harshest punishments: the death penalty, life in prison, chemical castration, the public naming of perpetrators and the electronic chip. These are now law, so even if you hate the idea of them everyone now has to support this.”

The punishments follow a number of high profile cases of child sexual abuse in the country. Last year, a British-Canadian teacher and an Indonesian were jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing three children at a Jakarta kindergarten.

And earlier this year, the body of a nine-year-old girl was found in a cardboard box in Jakarta after she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted and killed.

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Angelic Defenders, Demonic Abusers & Satanic Ritual Abuse in The Dirty Squad #whistleblowers @RT @MetPoliceUK

The above 8-min video describes US Kerth Barker’s memory as a 9-year old of a ‘Luciferian’ event.

Since then he wrote:

These titles indicate the full spectrum of the reality of Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crimes.

16-10-09-dirty-squadIn the UK, Michael Hames wrote in 2000 about Investigating Ritual Abuse in his book The Dirty Squad – The Inside Story of the Obscene Publications Branch by its former head.

Pages 172 – 185 describe the 50/50 culture of believers and disbelievers in the Police, and the resulting problems regarding the management, health and investigations of officers:

“There was talk of human sacrifice, torture, the forceful administration of drugs, the eating of human flesh and faeces, the drinking of blood and urine.

Some allegedly verbatim witness statements and victim accounts began to appear and these were held up by certain factions as proof of the widespread practice of ritual satanic abuse. Continue reading

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@FT Justice denied: Britain’s chaotic #childabuse probe @Theresa_May

16-10-06-ft-of-16-10-02The government must act to make the sprawling inquiry manageable.

This article in the FT of 02.10.16 was sent to me by a friend in Geneva who knows me from my times as system analyst at CERN and as organiser of conferences on psychology. That was after doctors claimed that my pain condition was ‘psychological’ – to save money for CERN’s insurance company…

Here are the key phrases regarding the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA]:

The 16-10-06-ft-textbungled outcome risks piling new wrongs on old ones.

It was expected to do in a matter of years what the police had failed to do for decades.

It also required a forensic study into how best to protect children in the future. 

This shows the folly of allowing those who are party to an inquiry to drive the process. 

It has consumed nearly £20m, already lasted two years but has yet to hear an hour of testimony. 

A brave prime minister would narrow its focus and divide it into more manageable chunks. Leaving it as it does a service to no one.  Continue reading

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