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16-09-21-scottish-parliamentTwo Good News items from male abuse survivors:

  1. In just under a week my petition gets heard in the Scottish Parliament. It has been going strong for over a year and I feel it really deserves recognition that it truly deserves.
    1. I am a survivor of rape and I use my harrowing experience to help others.
    2. The petition focuses on mandatory reporting of child abuse. This is crucial because there have been way too many systematic failures in the establishment.
    3. I have targeted the most vulnerable places in order to reduce innocent children and adults being sexually abused.
    4. What really brings my proposal into fruition is psychometric testing. This can and will stop predators from gaining positions of trust.
    5. Also I have introduced CCTV hotspots where areas can be monitored. This will make denial not possible when the culprit is caught. In too many cases insufficient evidence has let criminals get away scot free.
    6. The protection of children is paramount. If we cannot do this then future generations will suffer. PE01551 can and will make our future society a much better place.
    7. Everything I have done in this has been from the heart. I truly believe in the work I do and I feel if it is given media attention then more people will be awoken. Please give me the chance to raise my voice.
    8. Kenny MacAskill MSP recommended my inclusion to the North and South Child Sexual Abuse inquiries.
    9. The prominent Scottish lawyer Aamer Anwar also gave me huge acclaim for my efforts.
    10. You can get in touch with me via the following number as I am currently in Ugie hospital Peterhead due to a broken hip. Telephone number – 01779 822601. Regards Scott Pattinson
    11. Here’s the video of his 20 minutes before the Petitions Committee.
  2. A Support Group in Manchester opening in Liverpool soon, then nationwide
    1. http://shatterboysuk.wordpress.com
    2. Listen to interview here with David Shurter:

This is a very good breakthrough for males who suffered abuse as children. Please pass on to anyone who needs it.

Regarding the Establishment,

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Lib Dem MP: Let’s Make Prostitution Pay

How outrageous and insensitive men can be!!!…

Researching Reform

As Brexit anxiety continues to sweep the country, so too does the stupidity of politicians looking to find ways to boost the economy.

Dennis Parsons, a Liberal Democrat MP, is calling on schools to add prostitution to their careers advice agenda. The comment was made during a special session on sex work and he compared prostitution to accountancy, saying:

“The fact that we are asking “should we seek to prevent people entering sex work?” is part of the problem. You wouldn’t ask the question, should we prevent people becoming accountants?”

More bizarrely, perhaps, is Parsons next observation:

“We have had a chap suggest that one of the areas we need to be concerned about was families coercing people to go into the sex trade. Well, again, you wouldn’t protest at families urging and coercing people into becoming accountants.”

Prostitution itself, that is the exchange of sexual services for money, is not…

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What Is Justice?

Thank You, Natasha and Phil!!!

Researching Reform

Following on from our article this week looking at concerns surrounding sentencing for convicted paedophiles in child abuse cases, we received information highlighting the injustices of sentencing in this context.

Phil Johnson, a high profile campaigner and abuse survivor, who played an important role in bringing convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball to justice, very kindly sent us the statement he wrote in response to the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision to accept Bishop Ball’s plea bargain. This effectively reduced his sentence.

Peter Ball, 83, who admitted offences against 18 teenagers and young men in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, is currently serving 32 months for misconduct in public office and 15 months for indecent assaults, to run concurrently. Also at odds with this sentence is the fact that Ball has been placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

You can read Phil’s Statement below, or on the MACSAS website:


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The Buzz

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What’s Wrong with the Inquiry into Child #SexualAbuse? Civil Servants! @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

16-09-11-hascYesterday we saw ‘#abused children’ among the most impressive ‘posters’ used in the 3 Penny Opera at the National Theatre.

Now we look forward to the National Treasure, where Robbie Coltrane is acting for all the people who have been abused.

He said that the Power of Drama needs to be used, when judiciary, police and Parliament don’t seem to be able to handle it…

Meanwhile, here’s the critique that Dame Lowell Goddard sent to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee instead of appearing in person.

In bullet points:

  1. Brief history and early legacy
    • difficulties within the Inquiry Panel;
    • conflicting political views over its composition within the survivor communities;
    • absence of leadership avoided planning or scoping of tasks;
    • negative perceptions about the Inquiry’s prospects of success.
  2. New inquiry and my appointment
  3. Managing the Inquiry
    • need to narrow its focus to 3 core projects:
      • Research;
      • Public Hearings;
      • Truth for Private Hearings;
    • 12 work streams – with an institutionally and thematically based approach;
    • the composition of the Secretariat of about 30 personnel ;(recommendation 13 in the Committee’s report was not complied with).

their approach has been bureaucratic and the Inquiry’s progress has been impeded by a lack of adequate systems and personnel, leading to critical delays.

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Ritual Violence: Sold Out Catholic Church Conference in Germany vs. ‘LICENCE TO KILL’ in the UK


Kurz (2015) TPF Presentation – Politics and the Psychology of Abuse and Cover-up

Ritual Violence: Sold Out Catholic Church Conference in Germany vs. ‘LICENCE TO KILL’ in the UK

I just returned from the conference ‘Rituelle Gewalt’ organised by the Catholic University in Muenster. 250 delegates attended with a waiting list of 50. The 2013 conference helped me come to terms with the chilling realities of the extreme abuse scene but references to Alestair Crowley and associated satanist/luciferian ideologies were rather ‘hushed’. This time however most presenters tackled these and made overt reference to ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’.

In the opening contribution organiser Brigitte Hahn bravely laid out what kind of abuse, torture and murder disclosures are made (in total confidence) to pastoral personnel. She explained the ideological background and also touched on recent ‘Terrorist’ events (e.g. McDonalds shooting in Munich) and disasters (e.g. German Wings tragedy). She shared the following…

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Tim Tates submission to IICSA – Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

cathy fox blog

The text I have reproduced below of Tim Tates submission has lost its formatting whilst copying to this blog. I do not have time to  reformat but there is a link to the  pdf itself which is easier to read which  is available here 2016 Jul 30 Tim Tate [1]Submission to the IICSA – redacted version. It makes for very interesting reading.

It is also available on Tim Tates webpage and blog [2] but you might have to scroll down to find it.

I have featured some of Tim Tates other work previously on my blog [3] Suffice for me to say, he gets my respect for the quality and quantity of his work against child abuse.

If you would rather read his submission below then I should explain that there are numbers accompanying some text, which refer to the notes at the bottom of each page. There are also…

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