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Researching Reform

For our column over at Jordans this month, we explain why the appointment of a fourth Chair for the nation’s Independent Child Abuse Inquiry should be viewed as a second chance and what the Inquiry must do now to make the most of that chance.

In the article, we discuss the missing elements to the Inquiry which are currently preventing it from moving forward and we offer some suggestions for improving the Inquiry’s chances of success.

You can catch the article here.

As part of our commitment to transparency we’ve added a short film about Jordans below for anyone wishing to know more about the publication we write for.

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Sir Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Mystery

Who needs fiction when we watch ‘horror lives’ like these???


Sir Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Mystery by Cigpapers

Sir Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Mystery Sir Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Mystery

There does seem to be a bit of a shroud of mystery over who attended Jimmy Savile’s funeral and who sent tributes as no official guest list has been released , but this is what I have:

So who attended Sir Jimmy Savile’s funeral?
Monsignor Kieran Heskin, Father Martin Kelly and Reverend Arthur Roche officiated.
John Beerling – not a well known character but is well worth considering as he was in charge of recruiting all the DJ s at Radio One from 1967 to 1993 and hired Savile in 1969.

John Beerling who recruited all DJs at Radio One John Beerling who recruited all DJs at Radio One

Howard Silverman Savile’s best friend ( worth a very good look at ).
Frank Bruno
DJ Mike Read
DJ Tony Prince ( who made a strange Satanic/Illuminati hand signal at the funeral ).
DJ Dave Eager
DJ Dave…

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The Buzz

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@MoJGovUK When Conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Reality: the Care System is a Paedophiles’ Playground


The care system is a paedophiles’ playground.

Haringey is the council with more ‘care homes’ than any other.

Barnardos: there is a ‘poacher culture’ here.

Prostitution of children in care homes…

Then the Jimmy Savile scandal broke. And then Clive Driscoll.

I want to make an allegation of serious corruption and child abuse corruption… ‘a freemasonic link’…

Hillsborough has been deliberately frustrated by the masons.

Some of these coppers are committing suicide…

The public need to know about this cover-up of child prostitution in care homes.

I took it to the Minister Mike Penning MP: We will implement an independent inquiry.

You’ve hounded me, you’ve ruined me, you’ve destroyed me, but I have done nothing wrong.

Since you did what you did, they never investigated another case of child prostitution (2004)…

The video description says it in a general way:  Continue reading

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@MoJGovUK Police investigating child abuse? Most sex abuse cases go ‘unsolved’ as police fail to investigate!

Lambeth abuse enquiryMost sex abuse cases go ‘unsolved’ as police fail to investigate – that’s what a High Court judge said to The Telegraph in January 2016.

A year ago, in July 2015, The Guardian published:

The monarchy, government, politicians, church leaders, schools, hospitals and the media would all be examined, she said. Insurance companies which deny victims the truth to prevent compensation payouts, and internet providers who fail to tackle online abuse, will also be investigated.

All allegations of child abuse will be passed to the police, via the overarching operation, known as Hydrant, which is coordinating more than 660 investigations across the country, including 261 into prominent individuals. Continue reading

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@RT_com Too horrible to be true!? Kabbalistic Occult Ritual Child Murder throughout history

This video describes one of the most extreme of at least fifty shades of Jewishness and related Talmud-based activities.

It may be one of the most comprehensive historic accounts of what non-criminal minds would call too horrible to be true.

However, to confirm its CURRENT veracity,

Over to you and your favourite search engine to make up your mind with a view to when to expect:

  • one-world government
  • one-world currency [debt- and usury-based of course]
  • one-world religion [any guess?]

It was all planned in 1776 – by one of the fifty shades of Jewishness…

However, there are constructive alternatives, such as

Let’s keep shining our light, each in our own little sphere of influence – on the web or in the more real world!

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Child Abuse Inquiry WILL Look At Children Illegally Transported To Australia

Researching Reform

The nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse is getting ready to take testimonies from men and women as part of its Truth Project.

Over 2,000 people have contacted the Inquiry to say they suffered abuse as children at institutions throughout the country, with 600 already set to take part in the Project, which has been tasked with cataloguing decades of suffering.

We can also confirm that the Inquiry will be looking at abuse which took place when children were transported from the UK to Australia, and other Commonwealth countries as part of the now infamous child migrant programme.

Last year Researching Reform campaigned to have this area included within the Inquiry’s remit. You can read our article outlining some of the evidence on the child migrant programme, entitled “Lord James of Blackheath: I Helped Smuggle Children Used For Slavery And Sex.” 

In other Inquiry related news, reports have begun to emerge that the…

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