Disclosing Child Sexual Abuse – Anne Wade

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Anne has been a nurse, adolescent psychotherapist and child protection worker. She is happily married, as a mother she home educated and is a Quaker activist and Green socialist.

This is her article.

Disclosing child sexual abuse – Anne Wade

In 1896 Sigmund Freud published three papers in which he claimed that obsessional neurosis and hysteria were caused by repressed memories of sexual molestation in early childhood. That gave him his seduction theory. Essentially, when his patients, mostly women, presented with physical symptoms that appeared to be hysterical or obsessional, he told them they had unconscious memories of being sexually abused as children. If they would remember and tell him all about it, he assured them, they would get better. Colleagues criticised him, rightly, for attempting to implant false memories.

Then he reversed his position. Memories of sexual abuse, he decided, were not factual, but were only unconscious phantasies of…

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Question It!

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Abusive initiation ceremonies in sport where children are being sexually assaulted by peers are still viewed as ‘the norm’ by parents and sporting professionals.

It has also been reported that high profile and well connected parents have been trying to convince police receiving complaints that this kind of behaviour is ‘just a bit of fun’. A sharp increase in reports of child sexual abuse in sport raises serious questions about British culture and the pressure on children to ‘agree’ to being assaulted in order to be part of clubs and elite teams.

Our question this week then is this: how can we ensure this kind of abuse in sport is stopped? 


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Five arrested on suspicion of historic child sex offences

Rotherham Politics

A FURTHER five men have been arrested on suspicion of child sex offences as part of the ongoing investigation into historic abuse in Rotherham.

Three men, aged 32, 36 and 37, were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of a range of offences including indecent assault and conspiracy to rape three girls under the age of 16 between 1998 and 2003.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,five-arrested-on-suspicion-of-historic-child-sex-offences_22979.htm

Five more men arrested as part of Rotherham child sexual exploitation probe

Five more men have been arrested as part of the National Crime Agency’s huge investigation into historical child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

The NCA said three of the men, aged 32, 36 and 37, were arrested in Sheffield and Rotherham on Wednesday on suspicion of indecent assault and conspiracy to rape three girls under the age of 16 between 1998 and 2003.

Two men, aged 35 and 36, were arrested on Thursday in Rotherham on…

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Damning Report Confirms Church Colluded With Convicted Paedophile Bishop

Researching Reform

A new report written by Dame Moira Gibb accuses the Church of England of concealing evidence of child sexual abuse at the hands of its clergy and colluding with convicted paedophile, Bishop Peter Ball.

Ball, who was the former bishop of Gloucester and Lewes, was jailed in October 2015 for the grooming, sexualexploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25 who came to him for guidance and support. He was released from prison in February after serving just 16 months.

Gibb also criticises ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey in her report, whom she cites as being largely responsible for the inexcusable way in which allegations were swept under the carpet. When complaints were first made about Bishop Ball, Ball went straight to the Church and other senior figures within the clergy and the Royal Family to seek out support and protection, including the then Archbishop, Lord Carey…

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Rotherham abuse victims ‘still not being listened to’

Rotherham Politics

A reminder of past failure, pertinent today!

RMBC bought 1500 copies but didn’t distribute them.

Don’t forget to sign the petition Rotherham Truth Campaign – Petition

Child sex abuse victims in Rotherham claim they are still not being listened to and are treated as an ‘embarrassment’ to the town.

The damning verdict of the young survivors of abuse is made in a new report.

Interviews were carried out with more than 40 victims, family members, social workers and relatives of abusers for the report called ‘Voices of Despair, Voices of Hope’.

But council bosses have said while they accept the contents of the report, listening to victims and survivors is a ‘priority’ for the authority.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/rotherham-abuse-victims-still-not-being-listened-to-1-7186411

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In The News

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[L1] News Articles on Leeways Childrens Home

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This will be the first of several posts on Leeways and Lewisham Council.

Lewisham Council and one person in particular on that Council are not answering as required to do so by the FOI Acts. They are being deliberately obstructive.

I believe one of  Councils intentions is to deliberately delay. They may even be using the time to lose or shred documents, so I do not intend to delay my posts any longer.

I have reason to believe that widespread child sexual abuse happened in Lewisham and that the Council did cover up and is still attempting to minimise and cover up.

These news clippings are included in this article, which I believe have not been widely digitally available before. [HT @craftymuvva for all her hard work]

  • 1985 Jun 4 Guardian page 6 Child Care Officer Gaoled for Indecency [2]
  • 1985 Jul 26 Guardian p27 Leeways Childrens Home Independent Inquiry

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