Why is Child Abuse and Trafficking so un-believable? So shocking? So cruel?

Vicky Van Blackwood on the Scale of Child Trafficking – at the Conference organised by the Fresh Start Foundation in Dunblane.

Who benefits from drugs and prostitution? Who profits from trafficking and sexual exploitation?

Is the ‘inner child’ of abusers soo badly hurt that they HAVE to hurt other children???


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Child sex abuse compensation payments paid by Rotherham council bosses

Rotherham Politics

A LAWYER representing victims of Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal has welcomed compensation payments being paid by council bosses and police in six cases — with a further 75 claims still to be settled.

Child abuse expert David Greenwood, of Switalskis Solicitors, said: “These settlements are good acknowledgement that the scandal affected lives and it’s good that this is happening.

“The aim is definitely to get them settled out of court. It will be much preferable to have it done without the stress of court.”

The settlements — understood to be five and six-figure sums — were joint offers from Rotherham Borough Council and South Yorkshire Police

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,child-sex-abuse-compensation-payments-paid-by-rotherham-council-bosses_23533.htm

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On the Value of Restraining Orders: who Benefits? Who protects whom? @swpolice @dyfedpowys @gwentpolice

As Brian Pead is in court again – also linked to a Restraining Order – a new video is available on https://nationalinquiry.wordpress.com/abuse-survivors/whistleblower-brian-pead/videos/

Victims Unite!

Yesterdaywe were in Cardiff Crown Court to support Maurice’s fights against a system that has been described in incredible detail on Bent Lawyers and Cops.

Interestingly, Maurice’s cases resembles mine where ‘the system’ tries to imprison us due to breaches of a ‘Restraining Order’ :

  • this Restraining Order was issued by a Magistrates Court on 09 December 2011 to stop him from publishing anything about Dr Tegwyn Williams, the former Director of Caswell Clinic;
    • Maurice argues that it had never been served on him;
    • therefore a ‘variation’ that apparently was served cannot be valid;
  • Dr Williams had not only claimed that Maurice was suffering from brain damage but also tried to ‘section’ him such that he would have had to spend the rest of his life in Ashworth, a highly secure mental hospital;
  • at the time, the effects were particularly disastrous, as he needed a hip replacement, but…

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Former Abuse Inquiry Panelist: Counsel Silenced Me So That May Could Become Prime Minister.

Researching Reform

In a controversial interview released today, former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member Sharon Evans makes a startling number of revelations about the Inquiry.

A child abuse survivor and journalist who founded children’s charity Dot Com, Sharon accuses the Inquiry of trying to stifle concerns about the way the investigation was being run so that Theresa May could be pushed into office as Prime Minister.

Ms Evans also said that there was no independence whatsoever at the Inquiry, and that the confidentiality clause which all panel members had to sign, effectively prevented her and others from exposing the truth.

She goes on to allege that Ben Emmerson QC, who was lead counsel for the Inquiry at the time, warned her that if she made her concerns public, she would be discredited. Sharon tells Talk Radio:

“I was taken to one side and it was made clear to me, I was…

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Dozens wait for compensation over Rotherham sex abuse

Rotherham Politics

Dozens of victims of the Rotherham child abuse scandal are still waiting for compensation payouts from the authorities that failed them to be agreed – despite many already having given evidence in court that resulted in criminal convictions.

More than 50 civil claims against South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council for failing vulnerable girls who were preyed on by gangs of paedophiles in the town remain outstanding, with five cases settled so far with payouts running into six figures.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/our-region/south-yorkshire/rotherham/dozens-wait-for-compensation-over-rotherham-sex-abuse-1-8699573

See also:

Police and council agree compensation running into six figures with Rotherham abuse scandal victims

Victims of the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal have received compensation pay-outs running into six-figure sums from South Yorkshire Police and the town’s council, The Yorkshire Post can reveal. Lawyers acting on behalf of 75 women who were preyed on … Continue reading

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Police paid child rapist to infiltrate sex-grooming gang

Rotherham Politics

Police secretly paid £10,000 to a child rapist who attended parties where men drugged and sexually abused young girls.

Officers were aware of his conviction when they recruited him in 2014 to spy on a gang of men, mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, suspected of sex-grooming crimes against teenagers in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Northumbria force’s deployment of the sex offender, who can only be identified as XY, came to light during a series of trials at which 17 men and one woman were found guilty of 90 offences against children and young women.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/police-paid-child-rapist-to-infiltrate-sex-grooming-gang-pzhmkc0lg

‘White women are good only for people like me to use as trash’

Sometimes, she felt like a baton in a relay race, passed from man to man for her drugged body to be used as each saw fit. The girl described being collected from a children’s home and taken to parties…

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Rotherham sex abuse survivor criticises payment to paedophile informant

Rotherham Politics

A woman abused by a sex gang leader in Rotherham has criticised a decision to pay a child rapist £10,000 to infiltrate a paedophile ring.

Sammy Woodward, now in her 30s but who was 14 when she was abused, spoke out after a convicted sex offender, who drugged an underage girl and invited another man to rape her after him, was paid thousands of pounds to help detectives secure prosecutions against a sex gang in Newcastle.

The informant was recruited by Northumbria Police to work on an undercover operation, one strand of which, known as Operation Shelter, has just finished going through the courts and led to the conviction of 18 members of an Asian grooming gang which targeted underage girls and vulnerable young women in Newcastle between 2010 and 2014.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/rotherham-sex-abuse-survivor-criticises-payment-to-paedophile-informant-1-8695463

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