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Beecholme – Wandsworth Council wrong to say they had no Child Abuse Reports

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I blog this as it is important information, before the meeting that Beecholme Survivors have with Wandsworth Council on tomorrow evening 6th December.

Contact Beecholme Survivors or twitter  @beecholme12

Way back on  Aug 3 I asked Wandsworth Council

Please could you tell me the titles, dates and authors of any reports you hold on Beechholme House Childrens home
This would include
Any reports commissioned or held on child abuse at beecholme
Any inspection reports held, authored by SSI or equivalent London County Council
Any reports about Beecholme other purposes to the social services committee or equivalent
Any Annual Reports

Possible search terms are both spellings -Beechholme, Beecholme,
Beechholme Fir Tree Road, Banstead, Surrey
Beechholme Childrens Community
Beechholme Childrens Home
Geoffrey Banner
Cedar House, Jasmine House

They replied [2]

This information is not held by Wandsworth Council. The information may be
available from the London Metropolitan Archives [4] 


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Satan, Witches or Demons: whodunnit? #ChildAbuse #CSA

The Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime [MOPAC] publishes:

and writes that it goes under-reported.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail published:

and The Telegraph followed the same press release:

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Trafficking Children In Care – Question It!

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Children’s charity Barnardo’s has told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that children who escape from care do so because traffickers “feed them a web of lies, leading them to fear the authorities.”

The claim comes after statistics revealed that 16% of children referred to Barnardo’s own fostering network had been sexually exploited or abused, and 17% were trafficked. These figures are likely to be a conservative estimate, as it is often difficult to assess the full extent of children being exploited.

The Reuters article published in Turkey’s Daily Sabah, goes on to reference Department of Education statistics which show that over 50,000 children in England are in foster care, with thousands disappearing more than once.

2017 was also the worst year for the UK in relation to child trafficking, with the UK being the most prominent country of origin for…

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Punishments without Crime: from #CSA Victims to Adult Survivors and Whistleblowers

This is the latest video produced by a wonderful supporter of all our causes affecting children and adults.

Brian Pead is the most tragic of all, since he’s the survivor of institutional child abuse and has become the victim of three police forces.

For Police seem to be more motivated in covering up than in investigating child abuse.

Operation Tiberius found out why and how. The answer is: Freemasons… Live, learn, sigh and HOPE!!!

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Kincora survivor Richard Kerr

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Very comprehensive article about Richard Kerrs abused childhood and those who covered up. For the original article check out [1] 2017 Nov 13 Village Kincora Survivor

Kincora survivor

The stolen life of Richard Kerr, including his account of how Ian Paisley strove to cover up child abuse

The threat to ‘destroy’ a whistle-blower

The Reverend Ian Paisley, who served as First Minister of Northern Ireland (NI ), 2007-2008, was aware of the sexual abuse of boys which took place at Kincora Boys Home during the 1970s. Paisley learnt about it from Valerie Shaw, who served as secretary of the ‘missionary council’ of his church, on 28 October 1973.

Shaw denounced Paisley at a press conference in 1982: “I approached Dr Paisley on at least seven occasions”, she said. “I asked him time and time again what he intended to do about this. My concern all…

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‘More Troubling Than Savile’ – Care Home That Let Staff Drug And Rape Its Children.

Researching Reform

A professor and NHS Trust Chair who oversaw the Jimmy Savile inquiry has told the media that an investigation into a care home in Gravesend was “the most troubling thing she has ever worked on.”

Dr Sue Proctor was brought in to review child abuse allegations of former care home residents at Kendall House. The care home was run by the Church of England.

Now, a former member of staff has come forward.

His testimony not only vindicates the women who as young girls were routinely raped, and drugged with powerful chemicals in quantities only safe for large animals like horses, but confirms the extent of the horror.

On his first day, the staff member, who has asked to go by the name Mr Simpson, was told by a coworker, “I would ask to leave here. What goes on here isn’t right.” He also describes a female manager who ran the…

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